Betty Schaumburg
Betty Schaumburg

Betty Schaumburg is an international exchange student from the University of Heidelberg in Germany. She is a junior majoring in History.

IPC: Why did you choose to come to UNCG?
BS: I chose to come to UNCG because of its diversity on campus and overall relative close distance to other major cities on the East Coast. Its course options and the Kaplan Center convinced me of its focus on high academic standards and importance of sport activities. Overall, UNCG displayed itself as the perfect University for me in the Southern part of the United States.

IPC: What do you enjoy most about studying at UNCG?
BS: The diversity on campus and open mindedness are highly enjoyable. I love walking through campus and see so many ethnicities come together. Furthermore, the teacher and student dynamics add to the good atmosphere in the classrooms.

IPC: Do you participate in any extracurricular activities?
BS: The Kaplan Center is my favorite spot on campus, since it offers so many choices to be engaged in sport activities. I love the rock climbing wall, the pool, and the gym the most. There is no other university that encourages students to be active as much as UNCG. Next semester I hope to maybe join the Equestrian team of UNCG!