Kennedy Maeder
Kennedy Maeder

Kennedy Maeder is an international exchange student from Western Sydney University in Australia. He is a junior majoring in Biology.

IPC: What do you enjoy most about studying at UNCG?
KM: I love the sports. Having access to watch and enjoy a number of high quality teams and competitions for free as a UNCG student is the highlight for me.

IPC: What advice do you have for students who want to study here?
KM: Definitely get involved with UNCG students and organizations as much as possible. The best part about going on exchange is meeting locals, and people who have grown up and lived in the US, they have the most for you to learn from

IPC: What is something that you are working on or engaged in at UNCG that you are proud of?
KM: I’ve been a member of the UNCG Rugby team since my first weeks here and is the best decision I made. Getting to travel around playing one of my favorite sports and making some amazing friends in the process has been one of my favorite life experiences to date.