SAETA Ensemble

SAETA Ensemble presenting how to perform “Chandé” to School of Music percussion students.

The UNCG Percussion Studio hosted the SAETA Ensemble from Bucaramanga, Santander Colombia for a residency from November 3-10, 2021. The Ensemble presented classes on traditional Colombian music to students enrolled in courses in the UNCG School of Music, and also performed as part of the UNCG Percussion’s PASIC Preview Concert on Sunday, November 7. 

In this PASIC Preview concert, the UNCG Percussion premiered a new piece by Professor Jhon Ciro (director of the SAETA Ensemble) who composed CAOS_Abril 21 specifically for the UNCG Percussion Ensemble. This new piece of music encapsulated events happening in Colombia on April 21, where one can hear from sirens, shouting, weeping, to joyful celebration inspired the traditional Colombia rhythm “Chandé.” CAOS_Abril 21 was premiered later in the same week at the Percussive Arts Society’s International Convention (PASIC) in Indianapolis, IN in front of over 550 people.

UNCG Percussion wishes to thank Dr. Maria Anastasiou and Alex Parsons of the UNCG International Programs Center, for their help to receive a special projects award from the Kohler Fund to fund SAETA Ensemble’s visit.

About the SAETA Ensemble:

The SAETA Ensemble is a group made up of students and teachers from the School of Arts of the Industrial University of Santander in Bucaramanga, Santander Colombia. It was born in early 2013 with the aim of generating cultural spaces focused on the dissemination of symphonic percussion instruments in the city and the country through educational concerts and the premiere of works written for this ensemble.

During its creation process, SAETA has had different formats and is currently formed as a quartet. This ensemble has performed various concerts at the Industrial University of Santander, among which its pedagogical work stands out in the 2013 UIS teachers’ concert and the recital “percussion instruments in different chamber formats” in 2014 by Professor Jhon Eduard Cyrus. In addition, this ensemble has participated in didactic concerts for the first-level student induction program organized by the Industrial University of Santander, in 2014, 2015 and 2018, at the Luis A Calvo Auditorium. Likewise, it has participated in the academic meeting between the Industrial University of Santander and the University of Caldas in the city of Manizales with the concert entitled “concert of percussion soloists” held from May 10 to 15, 2016, in the same way, He has participated in the III, IV and V International Percussion Festival in Ibagué, in the I, II, III, IV and V International Percussion Festival in Bucaramanga, 1st International Percussion Festival in Barranquilla and XI International Tamborimba Percussion Festival. For more information about the group, find “saetaensamble” on Instagram!

Eric J. Willie, D.M.A., School of Music