Academic Training is defined as an internship or position off-campus (either unpaid or paid) that is integrally related to academic degree program objectives at your home institution. Academic training may significantly enhance your exchange experience. The training can be done concurrently with your academic exchange program or may follow the conclusion of your program.
To secure permission for Academic training you should do the following:
  1. Make an appointment with Penelope Pynes, the Director of Study Abroad and Exchanges, to discuss the details of application, deadlines and expectations. (If you are a J-1 visa holder who is not an exchange student you should make an appointment with the Director of International Student and Scholar Services.)
  2. Present the following documents to IPC:
    • A letter from you requesting permission for academic training. (If seeking academic training following the conclusion of your academic program, the letter must also include a request for approval of extension of program dates). Your letter should explain your rationale for undertaking the training (i.e., it should explain how this will enhance your educational exchange experience). 

    • A letter of support from your Dean or Academic Advisor at UNCG outlining:
      1. The goals/objectives of the training program
      2. A description of the program including:
        • Location
        • Name/address of supervisor
        • Projected hours per week
        • Projected dates of training
        • How this "academic training" relates to major field
        • Why this "academic training" is an integral part of your academic program as an exchange visitor.

    • Written documentation of the job offer (including dates, location, and supervisor).
    • If you are applying for academic training subsequent to your academic program, you will need confirmation (email is acceptable) from your home institution’s international programs office that they support your extension. UNC-EP participants must also obtain (email) approval from the UNC-EP Director.
  3. IPC approves/disapproves based on above criteria. It is very important that you do not work unless employment has been granted by IPC. U.S. government regulations impose serious penalties for hiring anyone without proper documentation, which in the case of UNCG exchange students, requires the letter of approval described above.     
  4. Deadline for submitting your documentation for academic training after your program are Dec. 1 and May 1. Your employment must begin within 30 days of the end of the semester. (ISEP students should contact the ISEP office for deadlines and procedures.)

This information is from "An International Student's Survival Guide" which is provided in the orientation package.

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