International Programs Center Administration

Welcome to the Web page of the UNCG International Programs Center.
We're glad you found us! As the University's central point of contact for all of its international activities, we do many things:

  • Increase diversity of UNCG's faculty and student bodies
  • Conduct an extensive study abroad program in over one hundred overseas locations in forty countries
  • We offer programs for a growing population of international students and scholars from ca. 75 countries
  • We recruit and review admission applications for degree-seeking international undergraduate applicants.
  • Manage the University's ever-expanding program of international linkages
  • Support an active program of faculty development and exchange
  • Provide funding for both student and faculty activities
  • Provide a unique avenue of University outreach, both locally and internationally
  • Heighten awareness on campus of global issues 

While these are earnest goals, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  We endeavor to be the friendliest Center at UNCG, support the most inclusive social and educational events on campus, and be a leader in transformative University programs.

Come along on UNCG's international adventure! Explore the world - Discover yourself!

Penelope Pynes, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for International Programs