International Degree-Seeking Application Deadlines

The International Programs Center considers applications as they are received.  We must receive all of the required documents for your application to be complete.  Please take into consideration the length of time it may take for us to receive official test scores and transcripts.  If you desire on-campus housing, we strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible, using the dates below as a guide.

RECOMMENDED Deadlines for Applying:

Application Deadlines for Students Applying for Full Admission

Fall (August) Semester

July 1

Spring (January) Semester

December 1

 Application Deadlines for Students Applying for Conditional Admission (To first attend INTERLINK)

Fall (August) INTERLINK Term

July 1

Fall (October) INTERLINK Term

September 1

Spring (January) INTERLINK Term

December 1

Spring (March) INTERLINK Term

February 1

Summer (May) INTERLINK Term

April 15