Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training- is only available to F-1 visa students who are and have been lawfully enrolled as a full-time student for at least nine consecutive months (The only exception is for graduate students who must begin a required practicum or internship immediately upon entering their Program of Study).

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) refers to internships (paid or unpaid) that is related to your major field of study and is required as part of your degree program, or is necessary to fulfill a course requirement, or otherwise is an integral component of your curriculum for which academic credit is required.

CPT can be authorized for part-time internships (paid or unpaid) (20 hours per week or less) or full-time internships (paid or unpaid) (more than 20 hours per week). Students who accumulate one year or more of full-time CPT are not eligible for Optional Practical Training (a separate program), which is usually authorized after the completion of a degree program. Authorization for CPT must be renewed each semester you wish to continue the internship (paid or unpaid).
For further details, please select CPT Procedures. (PDF)

Application Procedures - Students must present the following information to the International Programs Center one week prior to that start date of employment:

1. Complete the form Curricular Practical Training Approval Request Form. (PDF)

2. Internship offer letter on letter letterhead (stationary format) including: Name of internship organization and physical location of internship, internship title, confirmation of internship position, start and end date of internship and number of hours per week.

For further information, please make an appointment to speak with the International Student Advisor at the International Programs Center.

F-1 Curricular Practical Training Questions and Answers (PDF)

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