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Volume 11 Edition 7: April 2012. Zachary Dayhuff, Editor

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Beginning of the Spring 2, 2012 Term


INTERLINK Students Assel Aljaied (left, from Saudi Arabia), Arturo Lopez Chavez (middle, Mexico), and Lewis Nuñez de Jesus (background, Dominican Republic) enjoy food at Fincastle’s during a tour of downtown Greensboro.

On March 5, 2012, INTERLINK welcomed 28 new students for the Spring 2, 2012 term. The 14 countries represented include: China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Iran, the Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. Students participated in a two-day orientation and began classes, along with approximately 70 returning students, on Wednesday, March 7. A welcome reception for all INTERLINK students was held in the Elliott University Center the first week of class. Dr. Brad Teague, INTERLINK’s director, as well as Dr. Penelope Pynes, associate provost of international programs, welcomed students and wished them a successful term.

Tour of Downtown Greensboro


INTERLINK students pose during their tour of Downtown Greensboro. Left to right: Lewis Nuñez de Jesus (The Dominican Republic), Xinyu Feng (China), Min Hu (China) , Arturo Lopez Chavez (Mexico), and Assel Aljaied (Saudi Arabia).

At the end of the first week of class, INTERLINK took a group of new students to downtown Greensboro. Students from China, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Saudi Arabia participated. The tour began at Center City Park, where students enjoyed the fountains and the greenery. From the park, they went to the Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art to explore the African American Atelier and the Guilford Native American Art Gallery. Finally, they walked down Elm Street and stopped at Fincastle’s for burgers and milkshakes.

Extended Orientation Sessions

INTERLINK recently began offering extended orientation sessions to its new students. These sessions give new international students the opportunity to build on what they learn during their initial two-day orientation and to explore in more depth important information about the INTERLINK program, the university, the city of Greensboro, U.S. culture, and academic life. Students meet every Monday afternoon with INTERLINK’s director, Dr. Brad Teague, and academic coordinator, Lynn Bergschneider, to research and discuss topics such as health and transportation, academic resources, expectations in U.S. colleges and universities, and cultural differences. These sessions are highly interactive and involve former INTERLINK students, domestic students, and UNCG faculty and staff. Students have commented that participating in these sessions has helped them greatly with their cultural, linguistic, and academic adjustment.  


INTERLINK students practice their English Skills as part of the Extyended Orientation Module.

Game Night

On March 28, INTERLINK hosted a Game Night in the parlor of North Spencer Hall. Students convened with American conversation partners and INTERLINK staff and played games such as Uno and Taboo. Students were also eager to teach others about games popular in their own countries, for example, Majez (Saudi Arabia) and Mahjong (China). Though fun and food were the order of the night, the event also offered participants the chance to use their English skills to socialize and play the games.

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