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Volume 11 Edition 5: January/February 2012 Emily Holmes, Editor

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INTERLINK Students Ali Almansour and Rajeh Almasradi celebrating the end of term

INTERLINK’s New Scholarship Program

INTERLINK is pleased to announce a new partial scholarship program for qualified applicants. The amount of the award ranges from $200-$600 per 9-week term and is determined based on an evaluation of students’ prior grades. This scholarship is designed to increase diversity in the program, so students will be selected from countries that are currently under-represented at INTERLINK. Please contact our director, Dr. Brad Teague, by email at bteague@interlink.edu for more details. 

Congratulations Graduates and Welcome New INTERLINK Students

INTERLINK held its Fall End-of-Term Ceremony on December 16, 2011. The ceremony celebrated the conclusion of the term by recognizing students who successfully completed the program. At the ceremony, participants also bid farewell to students returning home and honored those who had volunteered in the Conversation Program during the fall semester.
On January 2, 2012, INTERLINK welcomed 29 new students from 11 different countries for the first day of orientation. The incoming students hail from Benin, Brazil, China, the Ivory Coast, Korea, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Vietnam. We are excited to learn with all of them this term!

INTERLINK students taking the lead in their English-language learning


INTERLINK student, Sofy Ribadeneira

INTERLINK students are encouraged to get out and get to know Greensboro and UNCG. Some students, like newcomer Yosra Alsulimani from Saudi Arabia, have been getting out into the community to improve their English. “I met with students of the university and this helped me for my conversation skills class. I watched T.V. shows and went to the Speaking Center. It was very useful,” said Yosra.

Sofy Ribadeneira also explored UNCG in order to improve her speaking ability. “I like to go to UNCG classes as a visitor. It helps me to improve my vocabulary and my socializing. It helps me meet people in my field and in business. You never know who you are going to need in the future.” She says that living in the I-house and being exposed to different cultures helps expand her knowledge of the world, and talking with American friends helps her learn the correct way to use words. “It’s not just knowing a word, but knowing the correct way to use it,” says Ribadeneira, who is from Ecuador.

A new student, Omar Montasser, from Libya, plays soccer every Friday at the Student Recreation Center with other INTERLINK students and some American students.  It gives him a chance to connect with other students, both inside and outside of the international student community.

International Conversation Partners Program (ICCP) and Learning Exchange and Assistance Program (LEAP)


Omar Montasser and Mohammed Benhassan spend time socializing outside of INTERLINK

The INTERLINK Language Center is continuing its International Conversation Partners Program and is always looking for English-speakers who want to partner with an INTERLINK student for one hour a week to speak English. This intercultural exchange is very beneficial and enriching. Sometimes INTERLINK students are even available to help English-speaking partners practice other languages.

The Learning Exchange and Assistance Program (LEAP) is starting this term and pairs INTERLINK students who need extra help understanding concepts in English with long-time English speakers who are willing to assist them with their work. In exchange, the English-speakers get experience teaching, can learn more about other cultures, and can receive help with the language of their partner if they so desire. We are still seeking participants for both of these programs. If you are interested, please email Casey Thomas at thomascm@interlink.edu.

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