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Volume 12 (20 year Anniversary) Edition 1: September 2012 - Katie Pegram, Editor

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This August, INTERLINK welcomed a record number of new international students from all corners of the globe. This nine-week term, INTERLINK’s total student population is 105.  Eighteen of these students entered with conditional admission to UNCG. Countries represented among the new students are Benin, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Togo, and the United States.  We are excited to have the opportunity to work with such a large and diverse group of second-language learners at our center.

Interlink students
New INTERLINK students at the Chancellor’s International Student Welcome Reception (in no particular order): Ahmad Shesha (Saudi Arabia), Berenice Toyomi Pérez Estrada (Mexico), Heng-Ching Lin (Taiwan), Shih-Han Hsieh (Taiwan), Shu-Han Chang (Taiwan), Boram Hwang (South Korea), Rana Al-Harithy (Saudi Arabia), Sungwoo Han (Korea), and Yaqing Bu (China)

New Staff Members at INTERLINK

INTERLINK likewise welcomed four new staff members this fall. Lamar Gibson joined INTERLINK’s administrative team as the program assistant. He assists in the office and coordinates a variety of campus and community activities for students. Our three new full-time instructors are Andrew Carlisle, Liza Fate, and Sarah Love, all of whom recently completed master’s degrees in TESOL at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont. Full staff bios can be found on our website at http://uncg.interlinkesl.com/staff.html.

New Interlink Faculty
New INTERLINK staff members (from left to right): Liza Fate, Sarah Love, Andrew Carlisle, and Lamar Gibson

INTERLINK Conversation-Partners Program
Conversation-Partners Program participants Meliza Abdullah (France) and Britney Sneller (UNCG)

Conversation-Partners Program participants Meliza Abdullah (France) and Britney Sneller (UNCG)

The INTERLINK Conversation-Partners Program continues to be active and is recruiting participants from UNCG and the local community. So far, approximately  twenty INTERLINK students have been paired with UNCG students, faculty, staff,  and community members. This program enables the building of cross-cultural understanding and international friendships and gives INTERLINK students the opportunity to practice their English with proficient English speakers. All participants benefit from this unique, interpersonal experience. Meliza Abdullah, a student from France, commented on her own experience with the Conversation-Partners Program: “Conversation-Partners gives me a chance to practice English outside of the classroom and helps me improve.” Her conversation partner, UNCG student Britney Snellers, had an equally positive experience. “Having the chance to interact and form relationships with international students is a very enriching experience,” she said. “We are able to share not just language but experiences as well.” The program is self-guided in that individual conversation-partner pairs determine when and where they meet as well as for how long. Many of the participants enjoy meeting up to attend community and on-campus events. To learn more about the program and/or to sign up, contact Lamar Gibson at jamesg@interlink.edu.

Berenice Toyomi Pérez Estrada (Mexico)

INTERLINK student Berenice Toyomi Pérez Estrada (Mexico)

INTERLINK Diversity Scholarships

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our diversity scholarships, which are awarded to students from under-represented countries at INTERLINK to encourage greater program diversity. Students from qualifying countries are eligible to receive a scholarship of up to $1000 per nine-week term, depending on prior GPA. The amount awarded is automatically deducted from the tuition payment and is renewable term-by-term as long as the student is enrolled full-time and makes satisfactory progress. One of our recent scholarship recipients was Berenice Toyomi Pérez Estrada from Mexico, who commented that the extra financial support had motivated her to study in our program. For more information about the INTERLINK diversity scholarships and/or to find out which countries are included, contact Dr. Brad Teague at bteague@interlink.edu.




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