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Volume 11 Edition 1: September 2011

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INTERLINK Conversation Partner Program participants, Ousmane Agossou and Assel Sayer Aljaied.

INTERLINK’s Fall 1, 2011 term began on Monday, August 15.  Thirty-three new international students from the following countries joined the program: Bahrain (1), Brazil (5), Cambodia (1), China (8), Kuwait (1), Iraq (1), Japan (1), Mexico (1), Niger (1), Saudi Arabia (6), South Korea (5), Uzbekistan (1), and Venezuela (1). INTERLINK currently offers language instruction, cross-cultural training, and academic preparation to around 100 international students.  INTERLINK likewise welcomed a few new teachers and a new office staff member this fall. The new teachers are Robert Schorr, Patricia Talbert, Susan Tuttle, Jill Wagner, and Robin Wise. The new staff member is Casey Merie Thomas, who now serves as the program’s office assistant and student activities coordinator. More information about INTERLINK’s instructional and administrative staff, including photos and short biographies, can be found online at http://uncg.interlinkesl.com/staff.html.

INTERLINK is focusing on creating conversational opportunities for its students. The Conversation-Partners Program is a way for INTERLINK students to practice their language skills one-on-one with English speakers for an hour a week. This program promotes cross-cultural exchange and international friendships. More information can be found online at http://uncg.interlinkesl.com/conpartners.html.

The Conversation Club, a different program, provides further opportunities for INTERLINK students to socialize with English speakers in a non-academic context. Apart from weekly meetings, it includes fun outings and events. The Conversation Club meets on Tuesdays between 5pm and 6pm at Coffeeology.

If you are interested in participating in either of these programs, please contact Casey Thomas at thomascm@interlink.edu. We are currently seeking volunteers!

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