Highlights of Upcoming Months

May 2009

Some Dates to Remember:
May 1                    ISA Semi-Formal
May 6                    IPC Workers Farewell Lunch
May 6                    International Student Farewell Picnic
May 15                  Commencement
May 23-29             NAFSA Conference (Los Angeles, CA)

April 2009

Some Dates to Remember:
Apr. 9                    Kohler Application Deadline
Apr. 17                  E-Newsworthy Deadline to submit articles
Apr. 18                   UNCG International Festival
Apr. 30                   Chancellor's Farewell Reception

March 2009

Some Dates to Remember:
Mar. 2                    UNCEP Institutional Application Deadline (Fall                                  programs)
Mar. 12-13              NCAIE Conference
Mar. 13                  Travel grant Application Deadline (Summer                                  Programs) 
Mar. 16                  E-Newsworthy Deadline to submit articles
Mar. 18                   Study Abroad Nomination List (After 1pm,                                   203 Foust)
Mar. 28                   UNCG Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

February 2009

Some Dates to Remember:
Feb. 4                     Reentry Workshop I
Feb. 5                     Faculty International Scholars Reception Lunch
Feb. 12                   Student Academic Achievement Awards                                   Reception
Feb. 13                    E-Newsworthy Deadline to submit articles
Feb. 13                    UNCG Study Abroad Application Deadline (Fall                                    2009)
Feb. 18                     Reentry Workshop II
Feb. 19-20                UCIP/UNCEP Conference (Chapel Hill)
Feb.21-25                 AIEA Conference (Atlanta, GA)    

January 2009

Some Dates to Remember:
Jan. 13-19                New International Student Orientation
Jan. 16                     E-Newsworthy Deadline to submit articles
Jan. 20                     Chancellor's International Student Reception
Jan. 23                     UNCG ISEP Application Deadline (Fall                                     programs)   
Jan. 26                     Kohler Application Deadline

December 2008

Some Dates to Remember:
Dec. 5                      ISA Semi Formal
Dec. 5                      IPC Holiday Party
Dec.18                     December Commencement   

November 2008

Some Dates to Remember:
Nov. 1-2                    International Student Leadership Conference                                 (hosted by UNCG)
Nov. 8                       Exchange Program Pre-Departure Orientation                                 (Spencer's Dining Hall 10am-5pm)
Nov. 14                     E-Newsworthy Deadline to submit articles
Nov. 17-21                International Education Week
Nov. 25-30                ISA New York City Trip

October 2008

Some Dates to Remember:
Oct. 10                      Study Abroad Nominations List for Spring 2009                                  (After 1pm, 203 Foust)
Oct. 13                       E-Newsworthy Deadline to submit articles
Oct. 18-21                  ISA--Washington DC Trip
Oct. 25                       UNCG Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation                                  (Faculty Center 9am-5pm)
Oct. 30                       Human Rights Lecture Series

September 2008

Some Dates to Remember:
Sep. 3                       Reentry I Workshop
Sep. 10-13                 EAIE Conference   
Sep. 12                      Study Abroad Application Deadline (Spring '09)
Sep. 15                      E-Newsworthy Deadline to submit articles
Sep. 17                      Reentry II Workshop
Sep. 18                      Student Excellence Awards Reception
Sep. 29                      Kohler Application Deadline

Page updated: April 13, 2009

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