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   NCAIE Conference at UNCG      

North Carolina Association of International Educators Conference at UNCG

On March 13, UNCG proudly hosted the North Carolina Association of International Educators (NCAIE) annual conference. IPC’s very own Tom Martinek Jr., Chair Elect of NCAIE, worked to organize the conference and to make it a success.  NCAIE is a professional organization of over 600 administrators, educators and community volunteers, committed to promoting the cause of international education in our state. Approximately 115 people attended the conference, from all over North Carolina, and we were pleased to welcome all of them, especially in light of the current economic situation.  Normally a two-day event, this year’s conference was condensed into one day and included professional development workshops on immigration and foreign credentials.

Read more about the NCAIE Conference at UNCG here.

Center for New North Carolinians Wins Award at NCAIE Conference

During the NCAIE conference (held at UNCG on March 13) Raleigh Bailey accepted the NCAIE Institutional Award on behalf of UNCG’s Center for New North Carolinians (CNNC).  The award is presented to institutions whose international programming is exemplary, outstanding, and unique. UNCG’s former Chancellor Patricia Sullivan created the "Task Force on Outreach to New North Carolinians" in 1997 after a major influx in immigrants began settling in North Carolina.  Out of the work of this task force, the Center grew and was established as The Center for New North Carolinians in 2001 aiming to provide research, training, and evaluation of immigrant issues in North Carolina.

Read more about the Center for New North Carolinians here.

Also in Newsworthy this month:

Special Lloyd International Honors College Dorm

On March 25, 2009, Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) announced their plans to open its
dedicated residence hall in the fall of 2010. Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Director of LIHC, hopes to “make the Residence Hall the hub of the College's social and intellectual life. We are very excited about this opportunity. We hope that you will visit us regularly at North Spencer Hall and will join in the many academic, aesthetic, and cultural events that will be regular occurrences in our Honors home.”

Read more about the LIHC dorm here.

Visiting Opera Troupe From Shanghai

On March 27, UNCG proudly welcomed the Shanghai Huai Opera troupe, along with members of the Shanghai Media Group. Thirty-one performers took to the stage to present five scenes from operas in the Huai tradition to perform before a full house in the Elliot University Center Auditorium. Huai is a traditional style of Chinese opera from Shanghai and Nanjing that is over 140 years old.  It was originally a form of story-telling which developed to include singing before becoming an operatic art form.

Read more about the Shanghai Huai Opera visit here.


Spring has arrived and so has another term at INTERLINK! We ended last term with graduation on March 12 when Turki Alkhalifah, Diego Arteaga, Krishna Chepyala, and Quynh Van Duong celebrated the completion of their studies in the program.  We wish them luck in their future endeavors.  The students presented their advertising campaigns, and pizza was served at the end of the ceremony. This term started on March 16 with the arrival of 26 new students, bringing the total number of ITNERLINK students, this year, to 190.

Read more about INTERLINK here.

North Carolina-Moldova Library Agreement

On March 3, UNCG welcomed Ambassador to Moldova, Asif Chaudhry, Iurie Tabunic, First Secretary at the Embassy of Moldova, and Andrei Galbur, Minister-Counselor and Deputy Chief of Mission with the Embassy of Moldova, to the Jackson Library.  Dr. David H. Perrin, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Ms. Rosann Bazirjian, Dean of University Libraries and Team Leader of the Partnership Project, and Dr. Penelope J. Pynes, hosted the event in the Jackson library and welcomed the Ambassadors to UNCG.

Read more about the North Carolina-Moldova Library agreement here.


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