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Volume 10, Edition 4 December 2010


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Technology classroom from East Carolina University (ECU)

On the morning of November 10, 2010, representatives from nearly every school at UNCG gathered in the North Spencer Honors Residence Hall’s global teleconference classroom for a question and answer session on "Setting up and conducting collaborative international classrooms using today's technology." The session was led by Drs. Elmer Poe (Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Outreach) and Rosina Chia, (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Outreach) from East Carolina University (ECU). Representatives learned about ECU's successful use of the global classroom to create virtual international experiences and strategies for increasing the number of such opportunities here at UNCG. These opportunities are part of the goals of UNCG’s strategic plan to increase internationalization on campus.

If you would like more information, or have ideas about other opportunities for internationalization on campus, please contact Dr. Penelope Pynes (pjpynes@uncg.edu) or Dr. Jerry Pubantz (j_pubant@uncg.edu).

For more information on Drs. Elmer Poe’s and Rosina Chia’s work on the global classroom:

"Studying Abroad, Staying Home: ECU’s global understanding classes allow students to see and talk to other students all over the world" (East Carolina University: Campus Life)

Global Academic Initiatives (East Carolina University)

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