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Volume 13, Edition 6: April 2014

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UNCG faculty and staff assist IPC in conducting Study Abroad Interviews

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the UNCG faculty and staff members who assisted us with the Study Abroad Interviews from February 19-28, 2014. Twenty-six UNCG faculty and staff members volunteered to help our IPC team select UNCG students who applied to study abroad for the Summer and Fall 2014 semesters. We conduct these interviews twice every year.

At UNCG, we are very fortunate to have such passionate and committed faculty and staff members from different fields and backgrounds who dedicate time from their busy schedules to assist IPC as a Study Abroad Search Committee. Their valuable input and participation in these interviews every semester make our task much easier in selecting students who will represent UNCG overseas. These interviews are critical in the selection process because they serve as an opportunity for faculty and staff to meet with the students individually and discuss their preparedness for study abroad experiences as well as address any questions these students may have about their chosen programs.

Faculty and staff who participated in this semester’s interview process were:

  • Jeanne Aaroe (Assistant Director of Ashby Residential College)
  • Susan Andreatta (Professor, Department of Anthropology)
  • Angela Bolte (Director of Disciplinary Honors and Student Life, Lloyd International Honors College)
  • Roberto Campo (Director, International and Global Studies)
  • Shelley Ewing (Honors Academic Adviser, Lloyd International Honors College)
  • David Fein (Professor of French, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)
  • Rosemery Gray (Professor, Department of Psychology)
  • Amanda Hughes (Director of Undergraduate Advising, School of Music, Theatre and Dance)
  • Etsuko Kinefuchi (Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies)
  • Tommy Lambeth (Associate Professor, Department of Interior Architecture)
  • Seung-Hyun Lee (Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies)
  • Cybelle McFadden (Assistant Professor of French, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)
  • Sam Miller (Associate Dean, School of Education)
  • Elizabeth Perrill (Assistant Professor, Department of Art)
  • Susanne Rinner (Associate Professor of German, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)
  • Cathryne Schmitz (Professor, Department of Social Work)
  • Mark Villacorta (Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs)
  • Jonathan Zarecki (Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies)
Several faculty and staff from the Bryan School of Business and Economics participated as well. They were:
  • Nadia Clark-Brown (Lecturer and Academic Advisor)
  • Joseph Erba (Lecturer/Professor of Practice, Department of Management)
  • Tuisha Fernandes (Associate Director, MBA Program)
  • Eloise Hassell (Senior Lecturer, Department of Management)
  • Adam Landreth (Academic Advisor)
  • Gail Pack (Director, Undergraduate Student Services and Retention)
  • Jessica Quattrucci (Lecturer and Academic Advisor)
  • Riikka Sarala (Assistant Professor, Department of Management)
IPC would like to thank all the faculty and staff members who helped conduct this crucial aspect of our study abroad and exchange program.

Attention UNCG Faculty and Staff! Are you interested in serving on our Study Abroad Search Committee? Our study abroad interviews are conducted once per semester. You may volunteer for both or just one. If interested, please contact our office at (336) 334-5404 or via email at ipc@uncg.edu and ask to speak to Denise Bellamy, Director of Study Abroad & Exchange or Tom Martinek, Jr., Assistant Director of Study Abroad & Exchange.

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