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Volume 11 Edition 4: December 2011 Emily Holmes, Editor

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IPC Holiday Reception!

IPC Staff

Happy Holidays from the IPC Staff!

IPC Holiday Reception

IPC Holiday Reception

IPC student workers and staff, Prasamsa Sharma, Anne Marie Roberts, and Nor Othman

Angie and Kavita

IPC staff members, Angie Kapely and Kavita Gosai, prepare holiday goodies

On December 2, 2011, IPC hosted a Holiday Reception for the university community to celebrate the holiday season and thank everyone who contributes to IPC’s success. Reception attendees included IPC staff, IPC student workers, international students, study abroad students, and other faculty and staff from UNCG. The reception included refreshments, holiday music, and time for everyone to fellowship with one another. IPC would like to thank all of those who attended and those who helped make the event a success.  We wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year

Staff Senate Tree Planting

Chris Fay

Chris Fay (Grounds Division)

Tree Planting

Left to Right: Logan Stanfield (IPC), Shirl Jones (Financial Aid), and Jill Beville (Campus Recreation)

On Friday, October 21, 2011, IPC staff helped the UNCG Staff Senate Service Committee plant six Prunus mume, or flowering apricot trees, between the Alumni House and Elliott University Center. The Staff Senate is made up of non-faculty employees of UNCG, and the Service Committee is designed to identify and implement community service initiatives on campus that are relevant to the staff and the UNCG community. Logan Stanfield, IPC Study Abroad Coordinator, is a member of the Staff Senate Service Committee and organized the event with the help of Chris Fay, UNCG's Grounds Superintendent.

Tree Planting

Lindsay Armistead (IPC), Tony Rojas (Grounds Division), Kevin Siler (Grounds Division), Kaitlin Ritchie (IPC), and Gualli Morales (Grounds Division)

The flowering apricot trees were a fitting choice for UNCG’s campus, as the beauty of their blossoms have been a source of inspiration for painters and poets for centuries. The flowers will peak near the end of February each year, so all can all look forward to a beautiful display for years to come.  The tree planting event also contributed to UNCG’s ongoing commitment to creating a healthier community as proven by its recognition as a Tree Campus USA by The Arbor Day Foundation.

Logan Stanfield would like to offer a hearty thank you to the volunteers that helped this project succeed, including IPC staff members Sara Poole, Lindsay Armistead, and Kaitlin Ritchie, and other volunteers, including Lee Odom, Betty Betts, Shirl Jones, Jill Beville, Bill Hardin, and Stacy Kosciak.  The volunteers were ably tutored and guided by the Grounds Division, including Chris Fay, Gualli Morales, Tony Rojas, and Kevin Siler.  Thank you!

ISEP Training in Washington, D.C.

ISEP Conference

Kaitlin Ritchie and Sara Poole at ISEP Workshop

On October 27-28, 2011, IPC staff members Kaitlin Ritchie and Sara Poole from the UNC Exchange Program, attended the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) New Coordinators Workshop in Washington, D.C., along with IPC Associate Provost, Dr. Penelope Pynes.  At the workshop, Dr. Pynes offered two presentations and participated in the ISEP Council of Advisors meeting. Ritchie and Poole attended a number of presentations which included information on the basic functions and structure of ISEP, application and advising procedures, the placement process, and current ISEP updates. Many U.S. and international partners were represented at the conference which allowed for networking and collaboration. Meeting the international ISEP staff in person was a great way to build relationships and connections with our programs.

IPC Staff Member visits University of Mannheim

Denise Bellamy in Germany

Denise Bellamy meets with UNCG students studying at the University of Mannheim

On November 4, 2011, IPC Director of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs, Denise Bellamy, along with other representatives from University of North Carolina (UNC) System visited the University of Mannheim in Mannheim, Germany. During her visit, Bellamy took a campus tour and met with Birgit Heilig, Director of the Office of International Relations; Carita Emmerich-Wessels, Student Advisor of Overseas Programs; and other university staff. Bellamy also had the opportunity to meet with students from North Carolina who are studying at the University of Mannheim. The visit marked the beginning of the 15-year anniversary of the UNC System’s partnership with universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The partnership was the first state to state partnership to be formed between the UNC System and another international state. After her visit in Mannheim, Bellamy continued on to Konstanz, Germany, for the Baden-Württemberg Seminar (see below).

Baden-Württemberg Seminar in Germany

ISEP Conference

C.K. Kwai (far right) shares a meal with his fellow representatives and host

The 2011 Baden-Württemberg Seminar for International Administrators was held on November 6-12 in Konstanz, Germany. Five international administrators representing the University of North Carolina (UNC) System were invited to participate in the seminar. The representatives included Denise Bellamy from University of North Carolina at Greensboro, James Gehlhar from East Carolina University, C.K. Kwai from University of North Carolina Exchange Program, Julia Law from North Carolina State University, and Minnie Battle-Mayes from North Carolina A&T State University. Eight other university international administrators from Canada, Chile, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa joined the UNC delegation.  The seminar was hosted by the University of Konstanz which is located in the Southwest corner of Germany. The city of Konstanz is situated by Lake Konstanz and shares a border with the city of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

Konstanz group

The 2011 delegation and their hosts at the Baden-Württemberg Seminar for International Administrators

The Baden-Württemberg Seminar for International Administrators is sponsored by Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research, and Arts, AACRAO; the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers; and the NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Each year a delegation of 12 to 18 international administrators are invited to attend this seminar on German-American education exchange. The seminar focuses on the German educational system, German-American academic equivalencies, and student exchange between Germany and the United States. The goals of the seminar are for participants to have a better understanding of academic infrastructure and culture of Germany, to achieve a broadened perspective of U.S. higher education and the role of international education within it, and to acquire an enhanced ability to serve international students and prospective study-abroad students on individual home campuses. Lectures and discussions throughout the seminar are complemented by visits to secondary and tertiary educational institutions in the state of Baden-Württemberg and surrounding areas.

As part of the seminar, this year’s participants visited a secondary school in Konstanz, a University of Applied Science in Konstanz, the University of Tübingen in Tübingen, a University of Education in Weingarten, a Cooperative State University in Ravensburg, a Chamber of Handicraft in Konstanz, and Thurgau University in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

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