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Volume 10 Edition 6: March 2011


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IPC Community Garden Update

On Saturday, February 12, a group of students and IPC staff planted the first seeds in the International Programs garden. The garden is one small part of a university-wide sustainability initiative.

The goal is that by 2050, the university will be carbon-neutral, which means it will not produce more carbon emissions than it takes in. The Sustainability Committee is currently developing a climate action plan for the Chancellor to sign so that UNCG can start officially moving towards these goals. Over the next two years, the committee will be re-evaluating transportation, water, and energy use in teams in order to suggest improvements to move towards better climate control. Some changes are already in motion. For example, dining services is setting up to compost, and the committee is also looking into collecting rain water on top of the parking decks.

The gardening was organized by Lindsay Armistead, Transfer Credit Advisor, who planned everything from ordering the seeds to designing the layout to providing paint to design signs for the garden. She is also on the Sustainability Committee.

Along with Lindsay, the gardeners included staff members Denise Bellamy, Director of Study Abroad & Exchange (SAE), Tom Martinek, Assistant Director of SAE, Kaitlin Ritchie, Incoming Exchange Coordinator, and Katie Ostrowka, Graduate Assistant. Seth Fisher, a UNCG student, and Audrey Paquet, an international student from France, also helped to prepare the soil and plant the seeds.

The seeds planted were dill, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, lettuce mix, and spinach. They will take a couple of months to fully grow and be ready for picking, but with the warmer weather already making an appearance, we hope it helps to nourish the seeds quickly.




Tom, Kaitlin, Audrey, Seth, Lindsay, Denise and Katie

WISE Report

We spend a lot of time getting students ready for their study abroad experience, but how do we get faculty ready to lead them? On February 11-12, International Programs staff brought a group of faculty members to the third annual Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement (WISE) at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. WISE is a great place to address issues that many faculty members are concerned about. It is intended to help educators integrate intercultural components into their study abroad programs and to help faculty prepare themselves and their students for their future intercultural experience.

IPC sponsored seven UNCG faculty and staff to attend the workshop with the intention of building a team of on-campus help for other faculty members. Led by Dr. Penelope Pynes and Logan Stanfield, the faculty who attended WISE are: Drs. Cathy Hamilton (Leadership & Service Learning), Maura Heyn (Classical Studies), Kathleen Macfie (Russian Studies), Keith Mobley (Counseling & Educational Development), Cathryne Schmitz (Social Work), Chiaki Takagi (Japanese Studies), and Jonathan Zarecki (Classical Studies). Dr. C.K. Kwai and Sara Poole of UNCEP also attended.



Also present at WISE was undergraduate student Sesaney Green, who participated in a student panel which gave attendees a chance to hear the students’ reflections on their own experiences studying abroad and crossing cultures. Sesaney studied abroad as part of the FIPSE/Atlantis Sponsored Global Work with Immigrant Kids (GWIK) project in Barcelona, Spain. Now a senior, the impact of her study abroad experience on community engagement is evidenced by her work at the Doris Henderson Newcomer’s School in Greensboro.

Of the group, several led sessions at the workshop. Kathleen Macfie presented her viewpoint on “How I Implemented What I Learned” from WISE, which she attended in 2009; and with Cathryne Schmitz presented a session on “Bringing it All Together.” Nell Pynes led a session titled “Building a Foundation with DMIS and IDI.”

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