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Volume 11 Edition 6: March 2012. Zachary Dayhuff, Editor

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Faculty & Staff!

Student exchange interviews

During the week of February 20 – 27, 2012, interviews took place for students applying to study abroad this summer, fall, and full year of 2012-13. The interviews are an important part of the study abroad application process as they allow UNCG faculty and staff to meet with each student individually to discuss their study abroad plans and to gauge the students' preparedness for studying abroad. Each student is interviewed by a three-person team comprised of IPC staff and faculty from across campus.

Prior to the interviews, students receive information about what to expect from the process and topics that may be discussed. In general, students are encouraged to be prepared to address the academic fit of the proposed host schools, convey an understanding of financial management skills while abroad, and highlight country specific cultural considerations. Students also share their insight on what they feel it means to be an exchange student in a new culture and to explore the emotional and social challenges associated with being abroad for an extended period of time. Finally, students are asked to share personal goals and expectations for their study abroad experience and how they align with their overall professional outlook.

Faculty and staff who participated in this year's interview process were:

Jeanne Aaroe
Susan Andreatta
Darlene Broadhurst
Rob Cannon
Joe Erba
David Fein
Tuisha Fernandes
Lori George
Lillie Granger
Robin Cunningham
Eloise Hassell
Angie Kapely
Tom Keller
Estuko Kinefuchi
Christopher Kirkman
Tommy Lambeth
Seung-Hyun Lee
Patrick Lucas
Bill Markham
Tom Matyock
Sam Miller
Keith Mobley
Elizabeth Natelle
Rosemery Nelson Gray
Gail Pack
Amanda Pelon
Linda Pollock
Jerry Pubantz
Ellen Redmond
Jack Register
Michael Reiker
Susanne Rinner
Cathryne Schmitz
Mark Schumacher
Heather Schwartz
Paul Silvia
Chiaki Takagi
Brad Teague
Richard Titus
Jonathan Tudge
Mark Villacorta
Nancy Walker
Amy Williamsen
Jonathan Zarecki

Join Penelope Pynes, Denise Bellamy and Tom Martinek in thanking the faculty and staff who conduct this crucial aspect of our exchange program, and we wish our study abroad candidates the best of luck! The nomination list will be posted in 207 Foust on March 16.

Staff Updates

Good luck, Heidi Fischer! It is with mixed emotions that we bid a fond farewell to our colleague Heidi Fischer, who served as the Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Coordinator for International Student Services with the Office of Undergraduate Student Services in the Bryan School of Business & Economics. She has recently accepted the position of Director of Study Abroad at High Point University!

Heidi has worked closely with the International Programs Center over the past six and half years to provide unparalleled support for business students preparing to study abroad, as well as for international exchange students joining the UNCG campus community.

Although we will miss Heidi tremendously, we are excited about her new position! Please join us in congratulating her.

Emily Holmes & Ezra

Emily Holmes and her baby girl, Ezra Elizabeth

Farewell, Emily Holmes! IPC must also say farewell to eNewsworthy Editor Emily Holmes. A graduate student with the Counseling Program at UNCG, Emily earned a degree from Western Carolina University and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chad before joining IPC in September 2011. It is our great joy to congratulate Emily and her husband on their adopted daughter, Ezra Elizabeth, who was born on December 31, 2011. It has been a great pleasure to have Emily on our staff, and we wish her family the very best!


New eNewsworthy Editor, Zach Dayhuff

Welcome, Zach Dayhuff! Zach joined IPC on February 16, 2012, as the new Editor of eNewsworthy. Zach studied English at the University of Colorado and has previous experience as an editor and production manager at IHRA, a historical publisher in Boulder, Colorado. He is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate in the Creative Writing Program at UNCG.


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