December 2009

INTERLINK Update by Stephanie Rummel

It has been another active term for INTERLINK students. On October 30, teachers took 90 students to the North Carolina Zoo.  Each level had tasks to complete while they walked around looking at the animals. Students enjoyed the day out despite the cold weather.

INTERLINK students enjoying the zoo

Students have continued to volunteer in the Greensboro community by spending several Wednesdays at the Adult Center for Enrichment (ACE). They share their culture and experiences with the Americans there and everyone involved has found it to be very rewarding.

INTERLINK students volunteering at ACE

A teacher accompaned some of the students to downtown Greensboro the first weekend of December to take part in the festivities at the Festival of Lights.They viewed the lighting of the tree and enjoyed Christmas music to get a feel for how Americans celebrate this season.
The end of the term is fast approaching and we are now preparing for our graduation. We will have about 30 students either graduating or leaving the program. Many of those leaving are in the Disney program and will be starting their internships in Florida.

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October 2009

INTERLINK Update by Lynn Bergschneider

INTERLINK students have been busy volunteering in the Greensboro community again this fall. Small groups have visited the ACE Center for Adult Enrichment three times to talk with participants. They shared photos of their families, countries and culture with the seniors and had a great time teaching them about their cultures and learning from them about US culture.

A group of 17 students also went to work at the Servant Garden last Saturday morning. Students worked to harvest bushels and bushels of green peppers, eggplants, greens and sweet potatoes. All of the food will be donated to shelters and food pantries for those in need. The students enjoyed the warm weather and the chance to get out in the larger community as well as learning about new foods and what one called the "volunteer culture" of the US.

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September 2009

INTERLINK Update! by Stephanie Rummel

We had an exciting summer here at INTERLINK, with students participating in weekly activities that included bowling, ice skating, and going to the gym.  Students also organized and put on a talent show, showcasing their singing, debating, dancing, and acting skills.  At the end of the term, they chose popular dishes from their home country and put together a cooking show using fresh vegetables from the Servant Gardens. 

Sujeeta Singh, Abdullah Alyaya, Elmahdi Abubaker, and Ahmed Alsaba preparing meals from their home country

This fall, INTERLINK was happy to welcome 34 new students to the program.  Students arrived on August 17, just in time to take part in many of the back-to-school festivities. Many attended a welcome picnic organized by the International Programs Center.  They also attended bowling and other events organized by Greensboro Friends.

INTERLINK students will continue volunteering in the Greensboro community.  Activities planned include the Servant Gardens and the Adult Center for Enrichment.  They will also get involved with the UNCG Student Committee for Refugees. At the end of October, students will take a trip to the North Carolina Zoo.

Many people from the UNCG community are still volunteering to be conversation partners with our students, but we are always looking for more volunteers.   Volunteers meet with our students once a week for informal conversation.  If you are interested, please contact Stephanie Rummel at slrummel@uncg.edu.


Page updated: December 9, 2009

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