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Volume 10, Edition 5 February 2011


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INTERLINK Graduation Ceremony

INTERLINK celebrated the conclusion of its Fall 2, 2010 term with an end-of-term ceremony on Friday, December 17 in the Curry Building auditorium. Speakers included Dr. Brad Teague, INTERLINK director; Wooyun Cho, graduating INTERLINK student; and María Camila Alemán, former INTERLINK student who is now attending UNCG. A number of students received special recognition, specifically the “most outstanding” student, the “hardest-working” students per class and level, and those who achieved perfect attendance. Graduating and departing students were likewise recognized and presented with certificates. The formal part of the ceremony was followed by student performances representing particular countries. The performances included songs, dances, and even a Tae-Kwon Do demonstration.

Fall 2, 2010 INTERLINK Graduates:
Manal Alekhwan (Saudi Arabia)
Wei-Ta Chen (Taiwan) - now an Undergraduate student at UNCG
Wooyun Cho (South Korea)
Demba Diouf (Senegal) - now an Undergraduate student at UNCG
Kubra Kolemen (Turkey) - now a Graduate student at UNCG
Chung-I Liu (Taiwan)- now an Undergraduate student at UNCG
Patricia Montoya-Guzmán (Bolivia) - now an Undergraduate student at UNCG
Raphael Quintero (Venezuela)
Catharina Schilt (Germany)
Chi-Hua Wang (Taiwan)
Xi Xing (China) - now an Undergraduate student at UNCG

Saudi Arabia
South America
South Korea
Recognizing students during ceremony
INTERLINK began its Spring 1, 2011 term on January 3. Approximately 35 new students joined the program, putting total enrollment at around 110. The center also hired a new part-time instructor, Charles Geer, and a new part-time office assistant, Catherine Velásquez.

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