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Volume 10 Edition 6: March 2011


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INTERLINK: Planting a Garden

During the last week of the Spring 1, 2011 term, the INTERLINK Reading and Writing B and 1 classes got together to plant a garden. Having spent the session reading Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman, the students were eager to enjoy their own community garden experience. By reading the novel, which discusses the themes of community building and cross-cultural awareness, the students learned that another great way to communicate with each other is through shared experience.

Together, the students and their teachers decided to plant their own garden; they chose the seeds they would plant (carrots, lettuce, beets, peas, and cabbage), designed the garden, and sowed the seeds. It was interesting to see which students became leaders in the project. Students were put into one of the following groups: artists (designed the banner and the trellis), plot organizers, or planters. Together, they were able to imagine how their garden would grow while speculating on how they might "compete" with neighboring plots.

Now that the garden plot has been sown, students have admitted to visiting the plot on the weekend and sneaking over during breaks to check on its progress. Although nothing has yet started to flourish, it is inspiring to see the eagerness and optimism of the students. By sharing this experience of working together to create life, the students were able to bond in a unique way. When asked on the last day of class to write about their best experience in NC so far, many opted to talk about the garden.

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