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Volume 10, Edition 4 December 2010


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New York City Trip Report by Julie Pereira*

New York! Finally! Almost a hundred international worms in The Big Apple! Tuesday night November 23, our 10-hour trip to reach the heart of Manhattan starts. Many of us know that city from every angle thanks to Friends, Sex & the City or CSI: NY… But as Frank Sinatra used to sing we now “want to be a part of it” and we are almost there. This Thanksgiving will remain unforgettable for all of us!

After climbing the Rockefeller Center to admire the sunset on the Empire State building, we walked through Chinatown and lovely Little Italy. We also hit the road to the financial district best known as Wall Street, close to Ground Zero, and took the ferry to gaze at the most impressive gift the U.S. ever received from France, the Statue of Liberty.

Julie (bottom right) and friends admire the sunset on Manhattan

The sunset over Manhattan from the top of Rockefeller Center

What about New York and more specifically about Manhattan? There are at least 100 Starbucks only in Manhattan…! It is a vibrant city that never sleeps (as proof, Times Square is illuminated day & night). New York is best visited on foot and we appreciated the great sidewalks for walking (and the benches in sunny Central Park to rest). For neophytes, the New York subway is fast and it is easy to understand the directions when you know that "uptown" means up to North Island or Queens, and "downtown" means that the trains are heading south of the island of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The favorite spots I went to were the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) for its Egyptian collection, the M&Ms Store in Times Square for all the delightful colors and the kids’ eyes filled with wonder, and Harlem for its charming streets. We were also impressed by the "Flat Iron," the iron-shaped building at the corner of Broadway and 5th Avenue.

As for Thanksgiving, many Americans watched the Macy’s parade on TV before enjoying a delicious dinner with family. For us, it was a bit different since we woke up at 6am to see the parade live and braved the cold (Starbucks’ hot chocolate was really helpful at that moment!), and ended our day around a Thanksgiving Dinner with our international family. Another epic moment was Black Friday. Actually, it left a big hole in our wallet, but a big smile on our face! New York is wonderfully worth it, an amazing city full of surprises. The IPC trips are definitely one-of-a-kind.

*Julie is an exchange student from Université Jean Moulin - Lyon III in France. She is studying International Business and will be continuing at UNCG for the spring 2011 semester.

Julie's view of Times Square, New York


French Exchange Students Visit Grimsley High School

As many exchange students have done in the past, a group of international exchange students from France visited a French class at Grimsley High School in Greensboro this past month. The students were Julie Pereira, Audrey Paquet, and Melanie Lemiere, and they gave a presentation about their home country to the class. This experience is part of IPC's outreach programs for community building.

Julie Pereira said that her experience at Grimsley “was an exciting opportunity for us to talk about France and our experience as an exchange student. It was also a chance to discover from the inside what we are only used to seeing in American movies!”

For more information about how to get involved, or to have international students talk to a group, contact Kaitlin Ritchie, Incoming Exchange Coordinator, at saein@uncg.edu.



Julie, Melanie, and Audrey at Grimsley High School, checking out the lockers

Friday Fest In Retrospect

This semester’s Friday Fests featured a diverse group of students from all over the world, representing six of the seven continents! Students from North Carolina started the year with a presentation about the culture of the American South. They gave international students an idea of what they could expect in their daily lives in Greensboro.

In September, we saw presentations from students from Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Australia, and Scotland. October Friday Fests featured student presentations from South Korea, Botswana, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. To finish up the year, France and Italy presented some entertaining skits and delicious food for their fellow international students. There was always a lively crowd to encourage the presenters. Everyone did an outstanding job bringing their country to life for others who may know little about their culture.






South Korea


Look out for announcements next semester about Friday Fest to learn more about other parts of the world!

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