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Volume 11 Edition 3: November 2011 Emily Holmes, Editor

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International Education Week is Here!

International Education Week


International Education Week (IEW) will be in full swing starting November 14, 2011 and will continue through November 18!  IEW is a joint venture of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education that celebrates the benefits of international exchange and education worldwide.  The annual initiative was first held in 2000 and today is celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide.  The goal of IEW is to promote study abroad and exchange programs that prepare students from the U.S. to live and work in a global environment while attracting future leaders from abroad to study in the United States.  The event is critical to developing mutual understanding and respect, building leadership abroad, and investing in future relations between the United States and people from around the world.  The week’s events will include a study abroad photo contest, employment workshops for international students, study abroad information sessions, staff workshops, International Student Association activities, Friday Fest, and an end of the week reception.  See the full calendar of events below.
Secretary Arne Duncan welcome message for IEW 2011.
To learn more about IEW, visit http://iew.state.gov
IEW Schedule

Holiday Party Invitation

Faculty-StaffIPC Staff Take Part in a Collaborative Online International Learning Program

Denise Bellamy

Denise Bellamy, Director,
Study Abroad & Exchanges

On September 16-18, 2011, Dr. Ali Schultheis Moore, Associate Professor of English, and Denise Bellamy, IPC Director of Study Abroad & Exchange Programs, participated in the COIL Institute Freshman Foundations Workshop.  The COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Center developed this two-year Institute to foster globally networked learning environments within the Humanities.  The three-day workshop was held at The State University of New York (SUNY) Global Center in New York City and provided an opportunity for COIL Fellows from various universities to collaborate in the design and development of virtual courses.  

Globally networked learning is a new approach to teaching and learning that provides faculty and students the ability to communicate and collaborate directly and immediately with their peers around the world through the use of online communication tools. The COIL approach to globally networked learning is to link a university class in the U.S. with a university class abroad.


SUNY Global Center in New York City

Currently, UNCG is partnered with the American University Beirut in this effort and is working to develop a course in Human Rights.  The course would explore human rights through history, philosophy, literature, political and religious discourse, visual art, poetry, and film and would allow students at UNCG and American University Beirut to discuss what they understand as it relates to the shared human condition.  The English-language course would count for 3-credit hours and would be offered at UNCG through the Lloyd International Honors College as a Freshman Foundations seminar, introducing students immediately to the intercultural competencies they need to be successful throughout their undergraduate careers.

Staff Attends NAFSA Region VII Conference

IPC staff members Tom Martinek, Jr., Lindsay Armistead, Logan Stanfield, and Norma Velazquez attended the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors (NAFSA) Region VII conference in Mobile, Alabama on October 24-26, 2011.  The staff was accompanied by one UNCG undergraduate student, Dora Rosser, who was the recipient of a travel award from NAFSA Region VII.

NAFSA Region 7 Attendees

Aaron Pratts (ISEP), Lindsay Armistead (IPC), Logan Stanfield (IPC), Tom Martinek (IPC), Dora Rosser (UNCG student), Kristen Aldredge (ISEP)

At the conference, Norma Velazquez and colleagues from other institutions conducted a presentation pertaining to employment authorization matters for international students holding F and J visas. The presentation included a review of federal regulations pertaining to employment followed by scenarios for discussion. During the discussion, participants were invited to share their institutional practices and learn from one another. A spirit of discovery guided the participant discussions as differences and commonalities in institutional policies were unveiled. Common themes pertaining to employment authorization included finding consistency in the reading of the federal regulations, understanding the home institution’s culture and academic programs, partnering with academic and internship advisors, and working with career services offices to provide enriching employment experiences while complying with federal immigration regulations. After some discussion, the idea of developing workshops for campus partners pertaining to federal regulations on employment for international students resonated among all session participants.

Ms. Velazquez served as the UNCG representative in this presentation, and she was joined by other international student advisors representing Appalachian State University, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and the University of Alabama. The audience included representatives from international education programs in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. 

Norma Velazquez

Norma Velazquez, Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services

NAFSA was founded in 1948 and is dedicated to professional development in the field of international education. The Region VII conference is comprised of international educators from all over the southeastern United States.  It provides workshops and activities for all areas of international education, including study abroad and international student services. This conference was particularly ideal for IPC staff as they seek to strengthen current programs and support services and raise the profile of international education at UNCG. IPC staff members were able to bring back a wealth of information to contribute to new initiatives and programs for international students and students going abroad such as study abroad curriculum integration, community programming for international students, and effective study abroad marketing.

IPC Staff Member Invited to SEVIS II Transition Workshop

For students who are coming to study in the United States the process of applying for a Visa can be difficult and time consuming.  To streamline the process, SEVIS II is introducing a new paperless system.  In order to learn about the new system and provide feedback, IPC staff member Norma Velazquez participated in the SEVIS II User Transition Workshop, conducted by the U.S. Government’s Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and the U.S. Department of State (DOS) in Leesburg, Virginia, during the week of August 1-4, 2011.  Ms. Velazquez was one representative from approximately 85 schools throughout the United States and U.S. territories invited to attend the workshop!

The purpose of the SEVIS II Transition Workshop was to request feedback from users of the SEVIS system to ensure that government representatives understand the institutions’ concerns and recommendations related to the transition to SEVIS II. The workshop included daily breakout sessions followed by group discussions to share thoughts and questions. The breakout sessions were intended to identify issues that may arise during the transition to SEVIS II and to develop innovative solutions to problems. Attendance at the workshop gave Velazquez and all attendees a unique opportunity to become active participants in the design and implementation of the new system. Government representatives treated participants as crucial partners and reminded them of their critical role in the successful implementation of SEVIS II.

SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) is a U.S. government internet-based database that is used by schools and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to report data on the immigration and academic status of international students and exchange visitors. SEVIS II is a computer system that will address the limitations in the current SEVIS system and introduce significant changes that will impact the way in which people do business. The deployment of SEVIS II is tentatively scheduled for 2013.  Some features of the SEVIS II system include an entirely paperless process for all activities related to the admission and tracking of international students and exchange visitors. Additionally, SEVIS II will permit international students, exchange visitors to create user accounts and access their own information in the system. .

International Students SectionA Wonderful and Unforgettable Trip to Washington D.C. by Norma Velazquez

International Students in Washington, DC

International students outside of the International Youth Hostel in downtown Washington D.C.

On October 8, 2011, international students traveled to Washington, D.C. and experienced all the sights and sounds the national capital has to offer.  As the tour bus approached the outskirts of Washington, D.C., historical sites including Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon, and the United States Air Force Memorial welcomed the students.

Students spent the evening of October 8 in Arlington, Virginia, and stayed at the Holiday Inn. While some students went straight into D.C. proper, other students went across the Key Bridge into Georgetown, a student oriented community with many shopping and dining opportunities. The following day, students traveled to the International Youth Hostel, located in the downtown area of Washington, D.C., whose friendly and helpful staff assisted the students throughout their stay.  Free continental breakfast was also provided for the students, giving them a healthy start for their days of fun and adventure.

Washington D.C. provided students with many opportunities to experience the history of the United States in the form of art, architecture, and sculpture. Throughout their stay, students visited different sites of interest including The National Portrait Gallery and The National Archives.  Students also visited 7th Street which features theaters and a variety of restaurants with an eclectic selection of food.  Students welcomed the opportunity to stay within walking distance of tourist sites and enjoyed the pleasant weather throughout the long weekend.

Upon their departure, students waived goodbye to Washington, D.C. and rested as they prepared for their return to classes after the fall break.  As they traveled back North Carolina on a rainy evening, students watched the Christmas movie “Elf” as Christmas songs filled the tour bus. Upon arrival at UNCG’s International House, students applauded the tour bus driver who was most skillful, kind, and helpful throughout our trip.

Gulsah Kemer

Gulsah Kemer

International Student is Named “Emerging Scholar”

Gulsah Kemer is an international doctoral student from Turkey.   Kemer, who is studying counseling at UNCG, was selected as a 2011-12 Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education (AACE) Emerging Scholar.   AACE is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the Emerging Scholars Award was developed to promote future leaders in assessment and research, facilitate presentation opportunities at a national conference, and provide mentorship and networking opportunities for professional counselors.
Kemer is happy to be receiving the award and says, "It is great to be recognized as an emerging scholar in an area that I am really passionate about.  I am really honored by this recognition. Thanks so much to my professors who encouraged me to be nominated for this award."

Kemer will be featured in NewsNotes, the AACE division newsletter, and will be recognized at the National Research and Assessment Conference.  She will also receive a complimentary AACE Conference registration and an invitation to participate in board meeting activities. 

Visit www.theaaceonline.com for information about the AACE Emerging Scholars program..

Special Programs SectionSpecial Programs

GLP Logo

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a collaboration between the International Programs Center, the Office of Leadership and Service Learning, International and Global Studies, and the Lloyd International Honors College.  With around 20 students currently participating, GLP is a program through which students can engage in meaningful international experiences while gaining knowledge and friendships that will guide them in the futures. 

As part of the program, students attend a series of colloquia, or workshops, as well as international lectures and events.  In addition, students choose to participate in a variety of globally-themed events with the goal of obtaining a total of 200 participation points by the time they graduate.  The points are simply a measure of international involvement, but they allow a way for students to quantify their experiences.  In-depth experiences, such as a semester abroad, earn 100 points all at once.  At the other end of the spectrum, smaller events on campus, such as Café Olé or Friday Fest, earn 10 points at a time.  Another way in which students can gain points is to become a Peer Advisor and Liaison (PAL) to an international student.

Lindsay Armistead with her PAL.

GLP participants earn 20 points by becoming a PAL, or befriending an international student studying abroad at UNCG.

After earning 200 points and attending all of the required colloquia and lectures, students put together an e-portfolio of their experiences.  The e-portfolio, with pictures of the student’s experiences and reflections on their meaning, is an impressive addition to the student’s resume upon graduation.  In addition, completion of the program is indicated on the student’s transcript.  Although no academic credit is assigned, completion of the program demonstrates that a student is interested in having a meaningful academic experience as well as learning outside of the classroom.  In an increasingly competitive job market, employers are looking for graduates who have done more than just attend classes. Completing the GLP program demonstrates a potential for leadership and possession of the knowledge and skills needed to function internationally.

In addition, the GLP program focuses on developing global awareness and multicultural sensitivity in its participants.  Upon enrollment, students take the IDI, or Intercultural Development Inventory. This assessment measures an individual’s intercultural competence and awareness of cultural relativity.  After completion of the program, students take the IDI again, providing a quantitative measurement of growth.  These scores can be used by students as fodder for reflection and can be included as a part of their e-portfolios.

GLP has already offered one colloquium this semester and will offer the next in November.  GLP participants are encouraged to develop reflective writing skills, so the November colloquium will focus on reflective writing as well as personal goal-setting. As part of the program, students will be asked to reflect in writing on each experience that they have had.  A meaningful reflection includes the content of the experience, what it means to the individual, and its impact on future goals and interests.  In an international context, this includes challenging cultural beliefs and assumptions that may influence one’s perspective on experiences and events.

The three core colloquia will be offered in the spring.  Upcoming colloquia will cover a variety of topics, from international group exercises (January 18) to value-based leadership (January 25) and global citizenship (February 1).  Participation is open to all students, both graduate and undergraduate.  Students may register for the program at any point in their academic career and points can be awarded retroactively for experiences that have happened during the past year.  Interested students can find more information in the program handbook at www.uncg.edu/ipg/glp, or they may contact Sadie Kneidel at glp@uncg.edu with questions or to set up a meeting.

Student HighlightsUNCG Students Prepare to Go Abroad!

Rani Chatrath, Prasamsa Sharma, and Joselin Paz Henriquez

Rani Chatrath, Prasamsa Sharma, and Joselin Paz Henriquez

The students who have been chosen to study abroad for the spring 2012 semester have been announced!  Each student is part of either an exchange program between UNCG and an international partner, UNCEP, or the ISEP program which allows students to choose from programs that are not in exchange with UNCG.  Currently UNCG has exchanges with over 100 international universities, and through ISEP student can choose from over 39 countries worldwide.  As you can see, the opportunities abound!

On October 22, 2011, outgoing students participated in a pre-departure orientation.  Students had the opportunity to engage in a cultural simulation and explore the topic of culture shock, as well as get some of their questions answered by a panel of international exchange students.  The orientation also provided students with some basic information about going abroad, including logistics, legal and financial issues, health concerns, safety, academics, and country-specific guidelines.  IPC would like to thank Wendy Jones-Worden (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) for helping with students going to Spain, Dr. Jonathan Tudge (Human Development & Family Studies) for helping with students going to Estonia and Poland, Dr. Chiaki Takagi (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) for helping with students going to Japan, and Dr. Seung Hyun-Lee (Media Studies) for helping with students going to South Korea.  We wish the outgoing students well as they embark on a new adventure!

On November 5, 2011, UNC Exchange Program (UNCEP) hosted outgoing students from the entire UNC system in a similar pre-departure orientation on the campus of UNCG.  Members of the ISEP staff from Arlington, VA, assisted with 72 outgoing students in ISEP programs.  Also, twenty coordinators from around the state of North Carolina assisted with the orientation programming for ISEP students as well as with 58 UNCEP outgoing students in UNCEP specific programs.  UNCEP staff would like to thank all who came on Saturday, November 5 and sends well wishes to all North Carolina study abroad students!

For anyone interested in studying abroad, it is never too early to begin the process!  Stop by 207 Foust Building or visit the IPC website () for more information.

UNCG students going abroad in 2012:

Australian Catholic: Kaitlin Burris (Pre-Elementary Education)
EP Canberra: Mary Carter (Pre-Middle Grades Education)
James Cook: Kasey Marshall (Special Programs in Liberal Studies)
EP Sydney: Amanda Perri (English)
RMIT: Morgan South (Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies), Weston Willard (Interior Architecture)

University of Botswana: Erin Edmiston (Psychology)

Brock: Ian Love (Biochemistry)

ISEP-Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso: Naomi Bate (Performance)

Chinese University of Hong Kong: Dustin Craft (Pre-International Business), Kelley Fore (Sociology), Alexandria Harris (Psychology), Solomon Lennon (Economics), Camilla Tucker (Pre-Business Administration), Holden Weaver (International Business)

EP Copenhagen Business School: Alec Boyd (International Business), Samuel Otterbourg (English)
Aarhus: Michael Bennett (Pre-Marketing), Rani Chatrath (Pre-International Business)

University of Tartu: Autumn Brehon (English), Catherine McDonald (International Business)

University of Oulu: Angela Ferr (Pre-Business Administration), Kaley Stone(Pre-Human Development & Family Studies)

Lyon 3: Nour Bannout Luna (Pre-International Business), Stephanie Canon (Pre-Elementary Education), Stanci Hankerson (Political Science), Anna Ralston-Asumendi (History), Kendra Rogers (Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies), Rachel Stroud (Pre-Entrepreneurship), Samantha Williams (Special Programs in Liberal Studies)
ESDES-Universite Catholique de Lyon: Samantha Belletete (Marketing), Joshua Plymale (Pre-International Business), Taurean Sledge (Business Administration)
Universite Angers: Dereke Clements (Dance)

Mannheim: Allison Blackwelder (Art)
EP Mannheim: Akasha Buzov (Art), Carmen Langdon (Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies), Zeppelin Mayers (Media Studies), Brandon Morelli (German), Anna Plotnikov (International Business), Yung-Chieh Wang (International Business), Michelle Yazvac (Special Programs in Liberal Studies)
EP Heidelberg: Sarah Wendland (Psychology)

LIUC - Carlo Cattaneo: Katie DeLizza (Pre-International Business), Dichel Graves (Business Administration), Carolyn Mayes (Public Health), Petru Mironescu (International Business), Jose Molina Melendez (International Business), Myles Scott (Pre-International Business), Gianna Summa (Pre-international Business)

Seinan Gakuin University: Charles Dagenhart (Media Studies), Adrian Jacobs (CMPS), Telung Tan (Business Administration)
Kyoto Sangyo University: Katherine Miller (International Business)

EP ITESM Queretaro: Heather Keck (Spanish), Vickey Wall (Sociology)

Unitec: Carlie Blake (Interior Architecture), Drissa Ouattara (International Business)
Massey University: Kathryn Nakhle (Pre-Elementary Education)

USIL: Benjamin Cain (Entrepreneurship), Rachel Carico-Bair (Biology), Aisha Crawford (Sociology), Maria McIntosh (International Business), Chaya Michel (Information Systems & Operations Management)

University of Wroclaw: Chelsea Kennedy (Political Science)

Stellenbosch: Savannah Barker (Pre-Elementary Education), Jazzmin Moore (Performance), Tyler Page (International Business)
University of Cape Town: Bradford Becton (Communication Studies), Rachel Beebe (English), Desmond Freeman (Pre-Marketing), Philip Short (Art)

Yonsei: Steven Coats (International Business), Nicholas Ebert (International Business), Tae Won Jo (International Business), Courtney Johnson (Human Development & Family Studies), Josette Mangala (Psychology), Megan Stevens (Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Sales)
Sogang: Maria Lachichi (Special Programs in Liberal Studies), Elizabeth Lee (Special Programs in Liberal Studies), Coy Oakley (Pre-Marketing)

Universidad de Extremadura, Caceres: Brandon Barrow (Communication Studies), John Burwell (Spanish), Elizabeth Lara (Spanish), Rachel Rossabi (Spanish)
UCLM Cuenca: Elizabeth Launt (Anthropology), Michelle Lopez (Pre-International Business), Alayna Ward (Drama)
Universidad de Granada: Rodrigo Calles (Spanish)
UCLM Toledo: Dominique Caldwell (English), Arrele Harrison (Accounting), Joselin Paz Henriquez (Psychology), Rayna Tyson (Pre-Human Development & Family Studies)

EP Lund: Stephanie Chuquillanqui (Special Programs in Liberal Studies), Adrienne Scott (Political Science)
Malmö University: Alexander Thomas (Psychology)

Yeditepe University: Autumn Farrell (Art)

Manchester Metropolitan University: Morgan Bernstein (English), Zane Doty (Pre-Elementary Education), Timothy Herberg (Kinesiology), Kiri Jefferson (Pre-Speech Pathology & Audiology), Ian MacRonald (English), Lindsay Metz (Psychology), Colleen Mills (Sociology), Leroy Montgomery (Art), Prasamsa Sharma (Public Health)
Keele University: Laura Blankenship (Performance), Annastacia Falla (Psychology), Travis Johnson (Human Development & Family Studies), Nguyet Nguyen (Biochemistry), Kaitlyn Toomes (Pre-Elementary Education), Bethany Wilcox (Pre-Middle Grades Education)
University of Ulster: Jessica Brown (Nutrition), Lydia Davis (Geography), Emily Greene (Sociology)
Trinity College: Alesha Davis (Drama), Caitlin Gault (Human Development & Family Studies), Kelsie LeHeup (Pre-Elementary Education), John Radebaugh (Art), Grace Seo (Art), Sarah Tester (Business Administration)
Hull: Madeline Farlow (History), Melissa Kuhl (Media Studies), Gillian Polity (Media Studies), Anya Ugolik (Media Studies)
University of Strathclyde: Sara Gallman (Pre-Elementary Education), Justin Hege (Pre-Finance), Sidra Hussain (Economics), Lindsay Ives (Pre-Middle Grades Education), Lauren Raby (History), Audra Volpi (Interior Architecture)
University of Plymouth: Kady Turner (English), Alyssa Wharton (Art)

EP Universidad Catolica del Uruguay: Ashley King (Political Science), Kayla Stover (Pre-Social Work)
EP Universidad of Montevideo: Benjamin Martin (Pre-International Business), Aubrey Sheldon (Special Programs in Liberal Studies)
EP Universidad ORT Uruguay: Jenna Nielsen (Pre-Elementary Education), Jeffrey Tanner (Spanish)

Visitors and Scholars SectionInternational Visitors from Sweden

Linnaeus visitors

Åsa Wiberg and Charlotte Annetun

On October 16-27, 2011, Charlotte Annetun and Åsa Wiberg visited from the Personnel Department of Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden as part of a staff exchange program.   The staff exchange program developed out of a university partnership between Linnaeus University and UNCG and was hosted by UNCG’s Human Resources Department.  The program allowed two staff members from Sweden to come to UNCG for ten days, and in return, two staff members from UNCG will be selected to go to Sweden for ten days.  The visit was coordinated with the help of Dr. Edna Chun and Deb Carley, Director Personnel Services in Human Resource Services at UNCG.  During their stay, the guests visited Old Salem, downtown Greensboro, and Bur-Mil Park.  They also took a campus tour and met with IPC and Human Resources staff to get an overview of office functions and engage in collaborative discussion.

Visiting Scholar from Iran

The Bryan School of Business and Economics would like to introduce their new visiting international scholar, Dr. Farhad Hassanzadeh, from Iran.   Dr. Hassanzadeh will be at UNCG for one year working under the supervision of Dr. Hamid Nemati in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management.  His appointment is a joint partnership between UNCG and the New Breed Logistics Corporation where he will apply his experience and expertise to develop state of the art business analytics methodologies.  Dr. Hassanzadeh received his Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran.  Sharif University, which has a student body of about 10,000, recently appeared in the Times Higher Education's list of the world's top universities for 2011-2012 and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in technology, engineering, and physical sciences.  Dr. Hassanzadeh’s major research interest lies in the field of mathematical optimization.  He has extensive professional experience in business logistics in the automotive industry and has published research papers in several international scholarly journals including OMEGA, Expert Systems with Applications, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.  Dr. Hassanzadeh is accompanied by his wife, Mojedeh, who is an accomplished architect.  Dr. Hassanzadeh‘s office is located at 386 Bryan Building.  Please stop by and say hello!

International Scholar visits UNCG

Lisa Ehrich and Carol Mullen

Dr. Lisa Ehrich with Dr. Carol Mullen, Department Chair of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

Dr. Lisa C. Ehrich is an International Scholar and Associate Professor of Education at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Queensland, Australia.  On October 26, 2011, Dr. Ehrich gave a presentation titled, “K-12 Schooling through Higher Education in Australia.”  In her presentation, she provided an overview of education in Australia and discussed broad influences on education policy, background information on types of schools in Australia, higher education in Australia, social justice, and current issues such as the introduction of the national curriculum, high stakes testing, and national standards for school leaders and teachers.  The presentation was sponsored by the Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations and was held in the new School of Education Building.

Dr. Ehrich has been in academia for 19 years and prior to that she spent two and a half years teaching in secondary schools in Queensland.  At QUT, she is the area of interest coordinator for Leadership and Management within the Masters of Education and a member of the Doctor of Education teaching team.  Her two main research areas are school leadership and mentoring for professionals.

Dr. Lisa Ehrich

Dr. Ehrich outside of the new School of Education Building

Dr. Ehrich came to North Carolina as part of a three month professional development leave from QUT, and during her stay, she has attended classes at UNC-Chapel Hill with Dr. Fenwick English, provided presentations to doctoral students at UNC- Chapel Hill, and presented to staff and students at UNCG and Fayetteville State University.  With Dr. English, she has also been working on a couple of papers which they will present at the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in November.   The conference papers explore grassroots leadership and the metaphor of dance for leadership; both of which provide a different lens to understand educational leadership.

Dr. Ehrich is also an accomplished writer with an extensive list of publications.  Her most recent publication is Australian School Leadership Today: Issues and Trends, which was published in 2009 and co-authored by N. Cranston.  This edited book is a collection of chapters on school leadership in Australia written by Australian academics.  It is one of a small number of books available on school leadership within an Australian context.  Dr. Ehrich has also received numerous awards and offered professional development services and classes in many other countries throughout the world.  We would like to welcome Dr. Ehrich to the UNCG community!

For a updated and complete listing of Faculty who have received International Travel Funding, please click here.

UNCG students study in Norway with Dr. Linda Buettner

Students in Norway

Karmen Quakenbush and Justine Intiso

Dr. Linda Buettner, Professor of Gerontology and Therapeutic Recreation, and five students studying therapeutic recreation for older adults with dementia travelled to Stavanger, Norway, to the Teaching Nursing Home in May 2011.  The program was conducted in partnership with Dr. Ingelin Testad at the University of Stavanger and was aimed at giving students the opportunity to practice their skills in a diverse setting.

Training with wheel chair bicycle

Dr. Linda Buettner training staff to use the wheelchair bike

In order to prepare for the study abroad experience, students spent a full semester on both book learning and experiential learning.  Each student became an “expert” in one intervention by practicing at a local nursing home in Greensboro, NC, before traveling abroad.  Since the local nursing home did not have recreational therapy, the students had the opportunity to bring something new and different, while providing for residents who were generally described as “difficult to engage.”  This practice experience gave each student a skill set and a perspective for comparison in Norway.

In Norway, the student therapists offered something different in their approach by providing individualized therapeutic activities based on specific needs and problems.  The experience of trying out therapeutic programs in Greensboro and Norway prompted personal growth in both the students and the nursing home residents.  The students and the residents reported that they had more self-confidence in their own abilities and were more open to trying new things.  For the students, the experience of learning on the job also served as a catalyst for increased maturity.  For the residents, the experience with the students brought back many memories—both personal and functional, and in some ways, brought back their youth.

Students on Pulpit Rock

Therapeutic Recreation Students on Pulpit Rock outside Stavanger, Norway

Through this experience, the students acquired skill sets that influenced their career paths and their desire to learn more about other cultures.  They also learned about some of the challenges of working with non-recreation therapy health care staff, which will help them as they move forward in their careers.  The students saw how baths, medication administration, and the other daily tasks were given priority over therapeutic work.  Many students also developed their desire to continue the study of aging and work with older people in their future.  For several students, the study aboard experience has led them to apply for graduate school.

Overall, the encounter bridged a generation gap and had a lasting positive impact on everyone involved, including the institutions where the students served.  Neither of the nursing homes had recreational therapy opportunities available prior to this experiment.

Wheel chair bicycle

Kaitlin Stevens and Karmen Quakenbush on the wheelchair bike

In Greensboro, the relationship that was established with the local nursing home has remained as they continue to want student volunteers.  In the future, Dr. Buettner hopes to add nursing students to this study abroad experience in order to build interdisciplinary understanding and side by side work for the betterment of residents with dementia. 

A full article about the Norway study abroad experience has been published in the Fall 2011Special Issue of Activities Directors Quarterly for Alzheimer's Disease.

For more information about this study abroad opportunity, visit:  http://www.uncg.edu/ctr/norway.html

INTERLINK SectionGraduations and Celebrations!

INTERLINK Graduation

Rosa Flores and Huda Abdnoor

Last term, INTERLINK congratulated graduating students, bid farewell to departing students, and honored exceptional students.  During the End-of-Term Ceremony, Dr. Brad Teague presented Rosa Flores with The Outstanding Student Award. The ceremony and luncheon afterwards took place at College Park Baptist Church. The next End-of-Term Ceremony will take place December 16, 2011, from 11:30am to 2:00pm in the Fellowship Hall of College Park Baptist Church. The ceremony will be followed by a potluck lunch.

We also had the INTERLINK Halloween Social last week. There were Karaoke performances by INTERLINK students and staff. The winner was Luning (Justin) Deng from China. Students were able to eat pizza, socialize with UNCG students and English-speaking community members, belt out some ballads, and see INTERLINK teacher, David Carlisle, dressed in costume. (See right). A good time was had by all!

This term, INTERLINK welcomed 28 new students from China, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Portugal, Korea, Venezuela, Egypt, Vietnam, Iraq, Ecuador, Taiwan, Mali, and Thailand. We hosted a welcome party for the incoming students in The Parlor of North Spencer Hall. We had icebreakers, games, and junk food to encourage the students to get to know one another. The event was very well attended.  Anyone interested in becoming a conversation partner to an INTERLINK student should email Casey Thomas at thomascm@interlink.edu

Interlink Kareoke

Justin sings Karaoke

Halloween at INTERLINK!

INTERLINK Teacher, David Carlisle, in costume



Upcoming Events SectionUpcoming Events

November 2011
Nov. 11           Friday Fest, France/Belgium*
Nov. 14-18     International Education Week (IEW) – See Calendar for Events
Nov. 18           Special Friday Fest - Canada/Estonia/Spain
Nov. 23-27     ISA NYC Trip
Nov. 23           Classes dismissed for Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 24-25     Offices Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 30           Travel Overseas Workshop - 3 sessions (Foust 101 and 104, 3:30-5:00pm)

*Friday Fest is located in the basement of Phillips Hawkins Building from 2-4pm

December 2011
Dec. 1              Travel Overseas Workshop - 3 sessions (Foust 101 and 104, 3:30-5:00pm)
Dec. 1              ISA Semi Formal
Dec. 2              UCIP Board Meeting (video conference, 9:00am-12:00pm)
Dec. 2              IPC Holiday Party 2011 (Faculty Center, 3:00-5:00pm)
Dec. 5              Last Day of Classes
Dec. 6              Chancellor’s Holiday Party 2011 (Alumni House-VA Dare Room, 4:00-6:00pm)
Dec. 7 -13       Final Exams
Dec. 15            Commencement (Greensboro Coliseum)
Dec. 16            INTERLINK’s Fall II 2011 End-of-Term Ceremony (College Park Baptist Church, 11:00am-2:00pm)**
Dec. 26-Jan. 1             Office Closed for Winter Holiday

** College Park Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall, 1601 Walker Avenue - The ceremony will be followed by a potluck. Please RSVP to Casey Thomas at thomascm@interlink.edu if you plan to attend.

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