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Top story

Chancellor Brady welcomes returning study abroad and international students

Chancellor Linda Brady with Dr. Penelope Pynes

UNC Greensboro has always given a warm welcome to our International students and this year was no exception.  August 23, 2011, Chancellor Linda Brady personally welcomed the international students in her semi-annual International Welcome Reception in the Cone Ballroom of the Elliott University Center.  International students, returning study abroad exchange students, faculty and staff enjoyed this festive occasion which featured photographic highlights from the new international student orientation projected on the wall accompanied by international music.  After mingling with guests, Chancellor Brady took a moment to address all in attendance.  Chancellor Brady highlighted how her own international experiences including her work in the U.S. Department of Defense and her leadership at Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology  had impacted her as a professional.  Chancellor Brady emphasized the importance of international students on our campus and of continuing efforts to internationalize our university. Chancellor Brady gave special recognition to the 24 German Fulbright students who spent a month at UNCG, participating in a program of English and American culture.  (UNCG was one of the two American universities asked to host German Fulbright Summer Institutes in 2011.)

Chancellor Brady meets Fulbright international students

As a traditional part of the reception, students representing various categories are recognized and introduced to the Chancellor.  These students included undergraduate international exchange student, Rinja Lennartsson, of Sweden who is studying abroad from long time international partner, Linnaeus University (1995). Linnaeus and UNCG are coordinating our first HR staff exchange in the upcoming year.   Chelseaia Charron, of Trinidad and Tobago, represented undergraduate international degree-seeking students.  Chelseaia’s mother attended UNCG as an international degree-seeking student many years ago, and we are happy to welcome her to the Spartan family.  Graduate students, Andrea Freiberger, Conflict and Peace Studies from Germany; Claudia Agulera, Interior Architecture from El Salvador, and Mohammed Berray, Library and Information Studies from Egypt were recognized. All are graduate Fulbright students.  INTERLINK welcomed Elbek Nasimov as their first student from Uzbekistan.
The International Programs Center would like to thank all who attended the Chancellor’s International Welcome Reception.  We had a great turn out and wish you all a safe and successful semester and year!

 Faculty & staff

IPC Newcomers

IPC would like to extend a warm ‘welcome or welcome back’ to several IPC staff this semester.

Welcome back, Christina Thompson! Christina studied abroad in the spring 2011 in Germany and has returned to work as a graduate assistant in the IPC office.  Christina will be coordinating the Global Leadership Program, as well as managing the E-newsletter for the office.  

Welcome abroad, Jennifer Kelley!  Jennifer (UNCG 11’) is currently working on international recruitment strategies, both here and abroad.  She is also working on International Admission’s social media presence and other innovative ways to engage international students during the application process

.Welcome, Ling Cai! Ling Cai, a graduate student in the department of Accounting, is our new programming assistant. Ling works closely with Michael Elliott, Director of International Student and Scholar Services in developing weekly Friday Fests, the annual International Festival and other international events on campus.




.Welcome Anne Marie!Anne Marie, Masters of Counseling student here at UNCG, with a concentration of Couples and Family Therapy, is a graduate assistant with the study abroad and exchanges.





 International students

New International Student Orientation


International students and Team QUEST staff

During the week of August 15, the International Programs Center welcomed 103 new international exchange students and 110 new degree-seeking students to UNCG.  The International Programs Center (in conjunction with many UNCG departments and student services on campus) welcome and orient our new international students each semester.  Orientation is supported by a cast of individuals whose participation is critical.  Among those are our PAL’s, International Fellows, and volunteers.   Denise Bellamy, Director of Study Abroad and Exchanges and Michael Elliott, Director of International Student and Scholar Services would like to thank:  Housing and Residence Life, Register’s Office, Cashier’s Office, Student Affairs, Student Employment, UNCG Rec Center, Jackson Library, OLSL, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Lloyd International Honors College, Spartan Card Center, University Police and Student Health.   A special thanks to Dr. Kathleen Macfie, Associate Professor of Russian Studies, Joe Erba of Business Administration, Wachovia Bank on Friendly Ave, and the staff at Team QUEST.


International students meet their PALs


IPC introduced two new aspects to our orientation this semester. A Facebook page allowed the students to communicate prior to arrival and Team QUEST facilitated group bonding and encouraged cultural awareness for incoming students. The students and Team QUEST leaders provided positive feedback on their experience, with comments from the students that ranged from “It was great! We had lots of fun and really profound moments!”-Nadine Strauss, University of Mannheim, Germany. “I loved it, it was a really good way to get to know each other.” – Mie Jensen, Roskilde University, Denmark. In essence, students appreciated the opportunity to be in an inviting and inclusive setting where they could meet and learn more about their peers. Denise Bellamy stated, “Both Facebook and Team QUEST provided opportunities for students from twenty-six countries to come together, through experiential learning, to further their group development.”

 Special programs

UNCG bids farewell to Fulbright summer institute for German students


German Fulbright group, Summer 2011

On August 25, UNCG staff and faculty gathered in North Spencer Hall to honor and bid farewell to 24 German university students who spent a month at UNCG participating in a program of English and American culture under the sponsorship of the German-American Fulbright Commission of Berlin, Germany.

Provost David Perrin, Charlotte Securius-Carr (of Fulbright Germany), and others reflected on the program and spoke of the value of having these high achieving students interacting with faculty, staff and other students here at UNCG. Representing many fields of study, these students arrived at UNCG on August 4 where they experienced life on an American University campus, including a stay in North Spencer Residence Hall. They visited Carolina Beach for a weekend and spent their final five days in the US visiting Washington DC (including a tour of the White House, Library of Congress and the US Capitol.)

While at UNCG, they participated in an excursion to International Civil Rights Center & Museum; Field Course to NC A&T and historical locations from Greensboro's part in the Civil Rights Movement (Woolworth's, Dudley High School, Morning side Homes, Scott Hall Memorial on campus of A&T, A&T 4 Sculpture, Beloved Community Center); all day Team QUEST experience at Piney Lake; and classes in U.S. Foreign Policy and Environmental Policy Comparisons. A highlight of the campus experience was an interview experience as an intercultural exercise with UNCG staff members and their departments from across the campus. (More on their interactions and engagements on campus will be covered in a future issue)

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this program such as success. IPC would like to give a special thanks to Steve Flynn, Director of the summer German Fulbright Program, Paulina Flasch, graduate student coordinator, and Brian Ray, PhD graduate student of English for their contributions.

2012 Recruitment starting for Global Leadership Program

This Fall, the Global Leadership Program (GLP) is actively recruiting for Spring 2012 participants.  We asked GLP graduate, Lindsay Armistead (IGS and Spanish major, 09’) how the program has helped her during her time at UNCG. Lindsay, who now works as the Study Abroad & Exchanges Transfer Credit Coordinator at the International Programs Center, said: “I learned how to articulate my experiences and how to apply them in real life and to my current profession.  The best thing about the GLP program is that students are already doing the work but this program helps the students to organize their work and goals to become globally aware.” For current informational flyer click here.


 Student highlights

Highlight on alumi student Collins Boykin (UNCG, 11')


Collins Boykins is a recent graduate and former study abroad student at UNCG. Collins wrote about how study abroad changed his prespective and professional goals after graduation.

"Sirens, horns, brakes, and people carrying about their business in the streets; these are the noises I hear every day. Most of my life, I’ve heard birds singing, crickets chirping, and bullfrogs croaking when I’d listen out my window. My first study abroad was in Aarhus, Denmark, while my second was where I now call home; Sydney, Australia. I was once a boy living in a small conservative town, now I’m a Sydneysider. I owe all my thanks to the study abroad program at UNCG.

Before studying in Denmark I was a product of the environment and community in which I grew up; conservative, stubborn, unwilling to bend or change with the times. It was all I knew. It was difficult for me to accept things I knew to be true and easy for me to scoff at ideas different from my own. This all changed during my study abroad in Aarhus. I was exposed to people and culture completely different than my own. I was forced to adapt. Slowly, I began to open up. Picture a closed flower, slowly opening at the crack of dawn on a warm spring morning. That was me!! Although I hardly liken myself to a flower, the image is metaphoric of my transformation. I did a complete 180. It was no easy task, but I began to accept others for who they were and how they were different. Most importantly I began to accept myself, for how I was different. I learned from the natives around me and was able to understand what makes them who they are. Sydney was my chance to apply everything I learned in Aarhus; traveling, meeting new people, and adjusting to a different culture to name a few things. I soared with flying colors. Immediately I was able to forge strong friendships, adjust to the time difference and earn distinctions in all my courses. Most important were the relationships. They are why I am back today (along with an excellent economy). I currently work for Armani Exchange in Downtown Sydney and couldn’t be happier with where life has taken me. In the future I may move around, but for the time being I’m perfectly content calling Sydney home."



International Visitors and Scholars nternational Visitors and Scholars

IPC has hosted several international visitors since our last newsworthy.


Huba Boshoff and Tom Martinek on UNCG Campus

On June 8, IPC welcomed Huba Boshoff, the Coordinator of Exchanges for the International Student Mobility Postgraduate & International Office from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

While here, Huba Boshoff met with IPC’s Study Abroad staff to set up a new agreement between our universities.

Huba Boshoff also met with Professor Susan Walcott of the Department of Geography and Heidi Fischer, the Assistant Director/ Coordinator for International Student Services of Bryan School, and Lloyd International Honors College Honors Academic Advisors, Ryan Radford, and Chris Kirkman.




On July 21, IPC welcomed Professor Dr. Ralf Dillerup, Vice Dean of Faculty of Business Management from Heilbronn University, Germany.

Professor Dr. Ralf Dillerup

Dr. Dillerup came to UNCG on a site visit and to meet with the Bryan Business School.

In addition to meeting with IPC staff, Dr. Penelope Pynes and C.K. Kwai, Direction of UNCEP, Dr. Dillerup met with Dr. Mac Banks, Dean, Bryan School of Business; Dr. Vidya Gargeya, MBA Program Director; Dr. Kevin Lowe, Professor & Department Head of Business Administration, Burlington Industries Excellence Professor & McDowell Research Fellow; Dr. William Tullar, Professor of Business Administration; and Bryan Toney, Director, North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center. .


On July 27, IPC welcomed Dr. John Kaethler, Director of the International Services and Programs Abroad from Brock University, Canada.

Left to Right: Dr.Sarah Krive, Dr. John Kaethler, Logan Stanfield, Kaitlin Ritchie and Selena Hilemon in the IPC office

Dr. Kaethler came to help IPC and staff from the UNC Guarantee program develop a short term study abroad program for UNCG and UNC Guarantee scholars.

The program hopes to center on civil rights and race relations in the US and Canada.

Dr. Kaethler met with Dr. Penelope Pynes and staff; Dr. Steve Roberson, Dean of Undergraduate Education; Dr. Sarah Krive, Assistant Dean, Lloyd International Honors College; Selena Hilemon, Assistant Director, Office of Leadership and Service Learning; Dr. Charles Lyons former Associate Provost, International Programs, and Steve Flynn, LIHC Student Awards Advisor.


On August 9, IPC welcomed Dr. Gyu C. Kim, Vice President for Office of International Affairs from
Chungnam National University, South Korea. 

Left to Right: Dr. Catherine Holderness, Pamela Harrod, Dr. Guy C Kim, Mi Kim in IPC office

Owing to the wide range of opportunities this visit presented, Dr. Kim met with all IPC staff to explore this new partnership. 

Dr. Kim also met with Dr. Vidya Gargeya, MBA Program Director; Tuisha Fernandes, MBA Program Associate Director of the Bryan School; and Dr. Dianne Welsh, Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship Bryan School of Business & Economics and Founding Director, North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center.

While here, Dr. Xiaoye Li discussed the possibilities of expanding the relationship between the universities to include other areas of exchange.




On August 16, IPC welcomed Mark Kelley, Theatre Design & Production Programme Coordinator for Trinity St. David in Wales, who came to UNCG to learn more about our Theatre program by meeting with faculty and staff in the Theatre department.

Mark Kelley and Trinity College international exchange students

Besides meetings with IPC staff Denise Bellamy and Tom Martinek Jr, Mark Kelley was able spend time with four of his students who had recently arrived at UNCG as exchange students.

Mark Kelley met with Rachel Briley, Artistic Director, The North Carolina Theatre for Young People, Department of Theatre; James (Jim) Fisher, Head of the Department of Theatre; Lloyd International Honors Academic Advisors, Chris Kirkman and Shelley Ewing; Robin Gee, Faculty – Department of Dance; and lastly Rachel Young, UNCG student studying at Trinity.






On August 24, IPC welcomed Charlotte Securius-Carr, Chief, German and Special Programs at the Fulbright Commission, Germany. Charlotte Securius-Carr came to UNCG to spend the time with the 24 German Fulbright students, hosted on our campus for the month of August.

Left to Right: C.K Kwai,Charlotte Securius-Carr, Dr. Jerry Pubantz at the German farewell Fulbright reception

Charlotte Securius-Carr met with Dr. Penelope Pynes; Dr. Catherine Holderness, Assistant Director, International Admissions; Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Dean, Lloyd International Honors College; Dr. Amy Williamsen, Chair and Dr. Susanne Rinner, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures; Dr. Kathleen Macfie, Associate Professor of Russian Studies, Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures.

The visit concluded with a farewell reception.





.Visiting Scholars

The International Programs Center would like to extend a warm welcome to the following visiting scholars to UNCG who have joined us late spring, summer and Early Fall 2011.

We thank our faculty sponsors who have helped to bring these scholars to the university. Scholar sponsors are individual faculty members at UNCG who collaborate with the scholars on research and teaching. Sponsors work with their departments, their Dean and the Provost's office to invite scholars to their respective departments to work with them for several months to several years, depending on the scope of the research and/or teaching project.

Dr. Xia Zhao hosting Jinghua Zhao (China) - Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
Dr. Andreas Lixl hosting Zhiming Song, (China) - Department of German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Studies
Dr. Hamid R. Nemati hosting Farhad Hassanzadeh (Iran) - Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
Dr. Prashant C. Palvia hosting Aykut Turan (Turkey) - Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
Dr.Jonathan R. Tudge hosting Edinete Rosa (Costa Rica) - Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Dr. Carmen Sotomayor hosting Maria Cordoba (Brazil) - Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Dr. Wei Jia hosting Shanlei Qiao(China) - Department of Nutrition
Dr Elizabeth Lindsey hosting Alexander Graham Mcpheat (United Kingdom) - Department of Social Work
Dr. Christian Moraru hosting Jan Alber (Germany) – Department of English
Dr. Daniel Perlman hosting Jesus Rodrigo Carcedo Gonzalez – (Spain) Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Dr.Ang Chen hosting Shihang Lin (China) - Department of Kinesiology
Dr. David Remington hosting Outi Savolainen, (Finland) - Department of Biology

For more information on hosting a scholar, contact Michael Elliott, Director of International Student and Scholar Services or visit our website: /visitingscholars.html

In Memoriam

We are saddened to report that longtime supporter of International Programs, Dr. Anne Frances Baecker died July 30, 2011.  Dr. Baecker, Professor Emerita of German and Russian and former department head, came to North Carolina in 1960 and retired from UNCG in 1981. After her retirement, she continued to stay active on campus, and her resilience and scholarly work led to the establishment of the Anne Baecker Study Abroad Scholarship fund.  Over the years a number of UNCG study abroad students have benefited from the Scholarship.  Dr. Baecker will be greatly missed, and our more sincere condolences go out to her loved ones. 

Additional information is available at http://obituaries.news-record.com/obituaries/news-record/obituary.aspx?n=anne-frances-baecker&pid=152829142

Memorial contributions may be made to The Anne F Baecker Junior Abroad Fund at UNCG.


 Faculty corner

.Every other year, since 1995, Dr. Ann Somers has conducted her Sea Turtles: Biology 361 course abroad.  This summer was no exception as she and a number of students went to Costa Rica.  Students had opportunities to gain hands on experience by working with sea turtles in their natural habitat.  For more information on Dr. Somer’s program, please visit the UNCG Inspire Change homepage where Dr. Ann Somers is featured for her domestic and international research with sea turtles.


.In the news: Dr. Omar H. Ali, Associate Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies, was interviewed this month on National Public Radio about the impact of September 11 on the Muslims in America.  For the full interview, please visit here.



Faculty funding for international activities

The International Travel Fund (ITF), created by the Provost’s Office, supports ca. 50 UNCG faculty members per year to present their work at international conferences outside North America.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and processed typically within two weeks of receipt.  Owing to the popularity of this fund, faculty are highly encouraged to apply as soon as they receive notification that their presentations have been accepted. Faculty may apply once per year every two out of three years.  To see who received funding for international conferences for the 2010-11 fiscal year, click here and for those who have been awarded this year to date, here. Details about applying can be found at the following website: /travelfunds.html.

A portion of the Kohler Fund, established in 1991 with a bequest from the estate of Phyllis Penn Kohler, class of 1930, is dedicated to supporting faculty internationalization efforts in six areas (research, teaching, internationalizing the curriculum, student programs, special projects and institutional linkages).  Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals by the deadline that falls ca. 6 weeks before the proposed event or travel. To encourage faculty submissions the Committee now has four deadlines per year for all six areas.

This year’s deadlines are September 23, October 28, January 20 and March 30). Details about the procedure for applying and the forms need can be found the IPC website at /fundingopportunities.html. Kohler recipient , Dr. Susanne Rinner attended a summer seminar in Berlin organized and sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). The seminar introduced participants to current political and social developments in contemporary Germany with a particular focus on diversity and multiculturalism. Dr. Rinner said she obtained  valuable contacts and useful tools to further her research in cultural memory and information for future study abroad programs.

To see others who received a Kohler in the 2010-11 fiscal year, click here. We look forward to receiving and reviewing this year’s proposals.



INTERLINK students Ousmane and Assel

INTERLINK’s Fall 1, 2011 term began on Monday, August 15.  Thirty-three new international students from the following countries joined the program: Bahrain (1), Brazil (5), Cambodia (1), China (8), Kuwait (1), Iraq (1), Japan (1), Mexico (1), Niger (1), Saudi Arabia (6), South Korea (5), Uzbekistan (1), and Venezuela (1). INTERLINK currently offers language instruction, cross-cultural training, and academic preparation to around 100 international students.  INTERLINK likewise welcomed a few new teachers and a new office staff member this fall. The new teachers are Robert Schorr, Patricia Talbert, Susan Tuttle, Jill Wagner, and Robin Wise. The new staff member is Casey Merie Thomas, who now serves as the program’s office assistant and student activities coordinator. More information about INTERLINK’s instructional and administrative staff, including photos and short biographies, can be found online at http://uncg.interlinkesl.com/staff.html.

INTERLINK is focusing on creating conversational opportunities for its students. The Conversation-Partners Program is a way for INTERLINK students to practice their language skills one-on-one with English speakers for an hour a week. This program promotes cross-cultural exchange and international friendships. More information can be found online at http://uncg.interlinkesl.com/conpartners.html.

The Conversation Club, a different program, provides further opportunities for INTERLINK students to socialize with English speakers in a non-academic context. Apart from weekly meetings, it includes fun outings and events. The Conversation Club meets on Tuesdays between 5pm and 6pm at Coffeeology.

If you are interested in participating in either of these programs, please contact Casey Thomas at thomascm@interlink.edu. We are currently seeking volunteers!

 Upcoming events

September 2011 Events
Sept 16:          Friday Fest: Korea*
Sept 22:          Student Academic Achievement Awards Reception Fall 2011
Sept 23           Africa (country/region TBA)*
Sept 23            Kohler Application Deadline
Sept 27           International Scholars Fall 2011 Reception for Scholars, Sponsors and PhD students
Sept 30           Mexico and Brazil*

*Friday Fest located in the basement of Phillips Hawkins Building from 2-4pm



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