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Volume 10 Edition 8: May 2011


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Chancellor Wishes Bon Voyage to International and Study Abroad Students

Dr. Penelope Pynes, Associate Dean Don McCrickard, Dean Jim Weeks, Chancellor Linda Brady, and Professor Emeritus Dr. Dave Olson

On April 20, 2011, Chancellor Linda Brady hosted her annual reception in honor of departing international and study abroad students. Sixty international degree-seeking students are graduating in May, 175 exchange students from 28 countries will return to their home countries to continue their studies, and 240 study abroad students will soon be making their way out into the world for summer, semester, or year-long programs.

While addressing the students, staff, and faculty who attended the reception, Chancellor Brady stressed the importance of internationalization, which is one of UNCG’s five strategic areas. She talked briefly about one of UNCG’s most recent partnerships with the Iraqi Scholarship initiative, and pointed out the first two students who have arrived this semester. UNCG also recently hosted an IIE/Fulbright Finnish University President’s Delegation, which revealed to the Chancellor the depth of UNCG’s connection to our partners at the University of Oulu. To encourage more of these partnerships, Chancellor Brady traveled to Russia to expand our relationships with our partners there.

Students enjoy food and company at the reception

Each year, Chancellor Brady hosts a group of international students in her home for an annual gathering. She expressed her pleasure in getting to know these students better and hear their stories. (Read more about the event below). She also congratulated those international students who are graduating: “We want to wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors; hope you will keep in touch so that we can bask in your accomplishments and look forward to hearing how your time at UNCG and Greensboro reflects in your future lives.”



Chancellor Welcomes International Students and Scholars to Her Home

Steve Heyer and Chancellor Brady with two degree-seeking students

Each year, Chancellor Linda Brady hosts an annual event in her home in honor of UNCG’s international students. Whether it is Thanksgiving dinner or a reception, the Chancellor and her husband, Steve Heyer, enjoy welcoming the students and hearing their stories. This year, she decided to host the event in the spring to take advantage of the nice weather.

About 50 attendees were at the reception on March 20, 2011, who represented different international groups on campus—exchange students, scholars and families, INTERLINK students, graduate students, and undergraduate students. All the students enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the Chancellor and have their photo taken with her.

Bellah Kiteki (second from right) with other international students and friends

Bellah Kiteki, an international student from Kenya who is graduating in May with her PhD, thought the reception was a great way to end her studies and wrap up her time at UNCG. Everyone had a wonderful time partaking in the sunny weather, good food, and great company.



UNCG to Host Fulbright Summer Institute for German Students This August

The German-American Fulbright Commission in Berlin has asked UNCG to host a month-long delegation of 25 German undergraduate students from Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. These students were selected through a national competition and their visit is funded by the Commission. Planning for the visit is involving the close cooperation of staff and students of IPC, Lloyd International Honors College, Strong College, and Housing and Residence Life. The German students will arrive in Greensboro August 4 and will live in North & South Spencer residence halls for three weeks. In the third week, with the start of regular Fall Semester, returning UNCG students will “host” the German guests in their rooms in North and South Spencer and participate in cultural events.

The purpose of the Summer Institute is to offer German students a chance to learn about American higher education, with particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of undergraduate instruction in the U.S. German students will receive in-class and field lectures from UNCG faculty in topics including American culture and society, the civil rights movement, intercultural skills, U.S. higher education, tips for applying to U.S. graduate schools, and leadership development. In the final week of the program the group will take a train to Washington, D.C., where they will visit U.S. government, historical and cultural destinations accompanied by UNCG personnel.

When asked why UNCG agreed to coordinate this program, Associate Provost for International Program’s Dr. Penelope Pynes said: “I like to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities as they enhance our profile with important overseas partners like the German-American Fulbright Commission. Such collaborations are an investment and often lead to new opportunities for further collaboration down the road.”

Only two American universities were asked to host Summer Institutes in 2011: UNCG and Binghamton University in New York. For their help and support, IPC thanks Jerry Pubantz, Dean of Lloyd International Honors College; Anne Barton, Director of Strong College; and Curtis Erwin, Interim Director of Housing and Residence Life. For further information about this delegation please contact Penelope at: pjpynes@uncg.edu.

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