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Volume 12, Edition 2: October 2012 *20 year Anniversary*

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UNCG International and Global Studies holds Asian Autumn Festival

On Saturday, October 6, UNCG International and Global Studies (IGS) presented the Asian Autumn Festival, a celebration of the diversity of East and Southeast Asian cultures. Dean Timothy Johnston opened the festival with welcoming remarks in the Sullivan Science Building. The festival was attended by approximately 600-800 people from UNCG and other Greensboro communities. The festival built on the previous success of the 2008-2010 Mid-Autumn Asian Moon Festivals, which focused on the celebration of the autumn moon popular in Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cultures. This year, IGS sought to revamp the event, renaming it the “Asian Autumn Festival.” The newly conceived celebration aimed to encompass the rich diversity of Asian cultures in general, and included participation from UNCG’s Japanese Studies program and members of the local Hmong and Montagnard/Daga communities. 

As promised, festival attendees were able to experience and enjoy many different facets of Asian culture. Several performances and presentations were held in Mead Auditorium throughout the day, including  presentations on Japanese fashion and the Korean Chuseok Holiday (autumn harvest festival), as well as performances on traditional instruments such as the Erhu (Chinese two-stringed violin), Qeej (Chinese woodwind instrument, usually consisting of five or six bamboo pipes), and the Gu Zheng (Chinese plucked zither). In the lobby, attendees could participate in ongoing workshops and demonstrations featuring several Asian art forms, such as origami, Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese paper-cutting. Attendees were also able to sample a wide variety of Asian food, including mooncakes, the rich, delicious pastries traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Kudos to all those who made this annual event such a success!

The Asian Autumn Festival was co-sponsored by The International Programs Center Kohler Fund.

Please enjoy this slide show of photos from The Asian Autumn Festival!


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