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Volume 12, Edition 4: December 2012 *20 year Anniversary*

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Salamanca University Invites You to Study Abroad!

By Francisco José Zapatero Belinchón and Alejandro Martín González, International Exchange Students from the University of Salamanca, Spain, Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Our names are Francisco José Zapatero Belinchón and Alejandro Martín González. We are international exchange students from the University of Salamanca in Spain. We are the first exchange students who have come from Salamanca to UNCG, and we would like to encourage more UNCG students to study abroad at our University.

Salamanca University has a long history behind it: it is the third oldest university in the world.  The city of Salamanca owes a lot of its growth to the university, much like Greensboro. Since Salamanca is a “student city” (i.e., college town), you feel the academic atmosphere wherever you go. Spanish students are friendly and easy-going, so you will feel at home in a couple of weeks! All the university buildings are within or walking-distance from downtown, and the main square is a popular hangout for students. As a student city, Salamanca also has a great nightlife with a variety of options ranging from going to the movies to hanging out with friends at one of the many bars or clubs downtown. But not everything is a party! Salamanca University has a rich and engaging academic life as well, and many good students graduate from our university every year. To sum up, Salamanca is very keen to welcome you, so please consider studying abroad there!

UNCG is also a great place to live. We have received such a warm welcome. Everybody has been very nice to us, and we are already feeling a part of your culture. We are very impressed with both UNCG's premises and faculty. Every day brings a new experience thanks to the many events held daily on campus. We enjoy all aspects of campus life here, whether we are playing indoor basketball or drinking coffee in the EUC Starbucks or simply chilling out in our dorm rooms. We are happy to be here with all of you!

We definitely encourage all of you to study abroad. Being an international student is much more than living and studying far from home. It is also about gathering meaningful cultural, academic, and personal experiences.  International programs will open your mind and make you see other ways of approaching your daily life.  You will make a lot of friends from different countries, improve your language skills, and definitively have a lot of fun!

Salamanca student in Iceland Salamanca student in Canada

Francisco José Zapatero Belinchón (photo taken in Iceland)

Alejandro Martín González (photo taken in Canada)

Congratulations to the 2013 Gilman Scholarship Recipients!

The International Programs Center is proud to announce that six UNCG students who will be studying abroad for Spring 2013 semester have received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Study Scholarship:

  • Jeffrey Cardenas, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan ($3,500)
  • Nancy Makori, University of Rennes, France ($2,500)
  • Kelly Morales, University of Montevideo, Uruguay ($3,500)
  • Rico Pamplin, Ritsumeikan University, Japan ($4,000)
  • Pakou Yang, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea ($5,000)
  • Joanna Lewis, Seinan Gakuin University, Japan ($4,000)
In addition to receiving the Gilman Scholarship, Joanna Lewis was also awarded a Freeman Award for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) scholarship for $1,000 for her studies in Japan.
Congratulations to all!

The Gilman Scholarship Program was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for US undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide. Since 2001, the program has awarded over 11,000 scholarships to students from universities and colleges from all fifty states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. The program strives to encourage and support students who are usually underrepresented in study abroad, such as students with financial need, community college students, students with diverse ethnic backgrounds, students with disabilities, and students in underrepresented fields, such as the sciences. The program also wishes to encourage students to study in non-traditional locations (meaning universities other than those in Western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia).

As part of the application process, students are required to write two essays: a Statement of Purpose and Follow-on Service Project Proposal. In the Statement of Purpose, students describe how they believe studying abroad will help shape their academic, professional, and personal goals and how the Gilman Scholarship will help them achieve these goals. The Follow-on Service Project Proposal outlines what they plan to do upon their return to help promote study abroad, international education, and the Gilman Scholarship Program. After returning to the US, scholarship recipients are expected to carry out their proposed project on their home campus or in their local community.

Freeman-ASIA scholarships support undergraduates in the US with financial need who are planning to study overseas in East or Southeast Asia. The program aims to increase understanding of Asia’s peoples and cultures in the US. As with the Gilman Scholarship, Freeman-ASIA recipients are required to complete a service project upon their return to cultivate interest in studying abroad in East and Southeast Asia on their home campuses and in their communities.

For more information about the Gilman Scholarship Program and how to apply, please visit http://www.iie.org/en/Programs/Gilman-Scholarship-Program.

For more information about Freeman-ASIA, please visit http://www.iie.org/programs/freeman-asia.

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