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Volume 11 Edition 8: May 2012. Zachary Dayhuff, Editor

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Student Highlights!

Study Abroad Returnee: Nanette Kennedy, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru (Fall 2011)

Nanette Kennedy

UNCG student Nanette Kennedy directs a local student to the location of Lima Peru, where she recently completed a study abroad term.

My name is Nanette Kennedy and I am a senior at UNCG. I had the pleasure of spending August 2011-December 2011 studying at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima, Peru. Throughout my time in Peru I met some incredible people, ate some delicious food, visited some amazing places and learned a lot of Spanish.
Learning about the Peruvian culture and Spanish language while I was abroad was definitely something that I wanted to share.

In January the International Programs Office at UNCG sent out a request for students to help out with a program called "Painting for Diversity," in which we would go to different recreation centers in Greensboro and talk to elementary aged students about our experiences living in or being from other countries. Over the past few months I had a great time talking to the kids about Peru and hearing about other student's experiences both here in the US and abroad. My favorite part of working with the kids was their eagerness to listen and learn, as well as the questions that they asked. Some of my favorites include "Were you scared to leave your mommy and daddy?" "Yes! But it was so worth it! I wasn't scared once I got there." and "Do kids in Peru study English like we study Spanish?" "Yes! Peruvian kids learn English and Spanish in school." I really enjoyed talking about the jungle animals and Machu Picchu, and I love the reactions to pictures of my friends and me holding snakes and sloths. I have been so lucky to have had so many great experiences over the past 9 months or so, and it's all thanks to UNCG’s International Programs Center.

Nanette Kennedy with students

Nanette Kennedy describes her study abroad experience to local students.

International Exchange Student: Chi Gava, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Chi Gava, a UNCG exchange student from Stellenbosch University in South Africa, gives a talk at a recent Painting 4 Diversity session.

I'm Chivimbiso Gava from Zimbabwe and I am a study exchange student from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. My talk at the Craft Center was my first real interaction with American children. It was quite interesting to hear about what they thought about Africa. Some associated it with animals, reggae music, hot weather and even humanitarian work. I found it quite fulfilling to elaborate on some of their ideas about Africa which weren't far off, and on the other end to eradicate misconceptions that were totally off the chart. In that regard I became a representative for the entire African continent, many parts to which I myself have never even traveled. I think the greatest misconception is that the continent is in fact one homogenous country, which of course it is not. It was great to be able to speak to the kids, and hopefully they'll be able to pass on one or two things about what they learned to their friends and family.

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