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Volume 12, Edition 3: November 2012 *20 year Anniversary*

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Spring 2013 Study Abroad Students attend Pre-Departure Orientation

IPC held the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation for students going abroad in Spring 2013 on Saturday, October 27 from 9:00am-5:00pm in the Sullivan Science Building. Approximately 130 students were in attendance. The first part of the day consisted of various workshops on logistical information (topics covered included passports, plane tickets, and accessing money), health and safety issues, and intercultural skills. Students also participated in a simulation activity of cultural adjustment and culture shock. In the afternoon, Justin Crawford, a student currently abroad in Montevideo, Uruguay, "Skyped-in" to share about his time abroad in Uruguay and provide some advice for the students preparing to go abroad. Following this Skype-session, a panel of international exchange students talked about their study abroad experiences in the US and the various cultural differences between the US and their home countries. All students then took part in country-specific workshops to which IPC invited UNCG staff, former study abroad students, or international students to provide information specific to their country and school.

Owing to the increasing number of students going abroad, the IPC staff arranged for the first part of the day to be in a "conference style" format in which students would rotate between three concurrently running workshops. The format was a great success, and many students and staff felt it was an effective way to keep such a large group of students engaged while providing students with the essential information they needed.

Interested in studying abroad? Don’t wait. Contact Denise Bellamy at dlbellam@uncg.edu or call (336) 334-5404. You can also visit the SAE website at /sae/study_abroad_exchanges.html

Study Abroad Nominations: Spring 2013

The International Programs Center would like to congratulate all of the 121 students who were selected to participate on an exchange program for the Spring 2013 semester—Congratulations! After completing their applications, submitting all required documents to the Study Abroad & Exchange office at IPC, and undergoing a group interview with staff and faculty members, these students have truly earned their spot on the nominations list.

Australian Catholic University
: Whitney Sharp (NUTR)
Deakin University: Evan Childress (HIST);  Kirsten Gutierrez (CMST);  Catharine Kerr (DRAM);  Jessica Land (HDFS);  Madeleine Orgren-Streb (ENTR);  Kristin Rafael (ART)
James Cook University: Jamie Metzger (ENGL); Stephanie Watkins (BIOL)  
Macquarie University: Shun Yeung (INTB)  
University of Sydney: Chloe Nickles (BIOL);  Amber Wineman (IARC)

Beijing Normal University: Rhett Butler (INTB)
Chinese University of Hong Kong: Leah Spangler (ART); Kelsey Walker (IARC)

Copenhagen Business School (CBS): Rebekah Bray (MUSI)
University of Copenhagen: Gina Kabat (BIOL);  Erin Trammell (CMST);

University of Oulu: Otha Gooch (INTB); Franyela Morales (INTB)

Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 University: Essence Bernier (INTB); Rebecca Long (BADM)  
University of Angers: Laura Benson-Greer (PSYC);  Nicole Iman (FREN)
University of Rennes 2: Barbara Fleming (FREN);  Dzidzor Gborglah (MDST);  Sheneica Hunter (PSCI);  
Nancy Makori (PHTH);  Sara Wrenn (FREN)

Heidelberg University: Kimberly Goins (BCHE)  
University of Mannheim: Destine Ernest (ECON);  Kaitlyn Hemric (INTB);  David McCusker (ISOM);  Andrew Clark (PSCI);  Julia Harrison (MKTG);  Dagmar Irrig (ECON);  Matthew Leitner (BADM);  Stephanie Miles (PELM);  Reed Sheffield (PSYC); Puneet Wadhwani (FINC)  
University of Stuttgart: Nathaniel Hall (INTB)

LIUC -Università Carlo Cattaneo: Alexia Foy (INTB); Lillian Holden (CMST);  Chirag Satsangi (BADM)
Lorenzo de Medici: Alexandra Pokas (IARC)

Chukyo University: Thomas Reaves (INTB)
Ritsumeikan University
: April Dykes (CARS);  Rico Pamplin (CMPS);  William Sharpe (MDST)
Seinan Gakuin University: Joanna Lewis (SPLS); Heather Moore (HIST)

Sogang University: Colton Childers (MDST)
Sungkyunkwan University: Pakou Yang (BIOL)
Yonsei University: Nou Lor (CARS);  Jisuk Min (INTB);  Tuan Vo (IARC)

University of Malta: Hannah Boning (DANC);  Brittany Carty (CMST); Sayaka Matsuoka (ART);
Savanna Sherrill (BIOL);  Jillian Troxler (SOCI)

Tecnologico de Monterrey - Queretaro (ITESM): Mohammad Algaraawi (ISOM);  Olga Mabolia (SPAN);

Unitec Institute of Technology: Rita Dear (ART)

University of Wroclaw: Olivia Kirby (ENGL);  Samantha Suggs (ANTH)

Kazan Federal University: Steven Bixby (MDST)

University of Cape Town: Chelsea Hughes (PHDF);  Hannah Mould (HDFS);  Jessica Tatar (ENGL);
Julian Weichel (ENTR);
University of Stellenbosch
: Erin Hawkins (PNUR);  Katherine Ramirez (PELM)

Universidad de Extremadura - Caceres: Jacob Harbert (SPAN);  Katelin Sawicki (PNUR)  
Universidad de Salamanca: Victoria Martin (SPAN)  
University of Castilla La Mancha - Cuenca: Jerrica Davis (KINE);  Sarah Wisseman (IARC)  
University of Castilla La Mancha - Toledo: Brandon McCathern (INTB);  Jessica Pegram (INTB);  
Jacquelyn Ross (PSYC)

Linnaeus University (Vaxjo): Alyssa Clauser (PSCI);  Leanna Donato (PELM);  Paige Hohlt (IARC);  
Dajana Nedic (IARC);  Kristen Schleich (KINE);  James Wheeler (CMST)  
Lund University: Janesha Hassaram (ECON)  
Malmö University: Cassandra Bradfield (IARC)

Yuan Ze University: Jeffrey Cardenas (ECON)

Yeditepe University: Alexa Flores (CMST);  Kevin Kane (ART);  Mamei Mansaray (PHDF);  Jackson Thomas (PSYC)

Keele University: Dennis Miller (PSCI);  Miranda Murphy (HIST)  
Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU): Zeliha Arslan (ENGL); Alexandria Bova (ENGL);  
Christian Cook (PHTH);  Sara DiEugenio (MDST);  Erika Kandler (ENGL);  Kelsey Shea (HIST);  John Villa (ART)
Plymouth University: Katie Moyer (IARC)  
University of Hull: Tanisha Mills (SOCI)  
University of Leicester: Megan McElroy (MATH);  Xiomara Moscoso (PSYC);  Matthew Rojas (BIOL);  Jerhonda Ruddock (CLAS);  Brittany Salers (ENGL)  
University of Strathclyde: Monika Little (INTB);  Marina Merrow (MKTG);  Grace Shaughnessy (PHDF);  
James Spinks (MATH)
University of Trinity St. David: Briana Crandall (ART);  Sarah Harris (CMPS);  Alicia McMahan (HIST);  Mckenzie Morgan (CLAS);  Amber Ricks (SPLS)  
University of Ulster: Hayley Burton (SOCI);  Michael Minervini (ART);  Ella Moore (DRAM)

Universidad Catolica del Uruguay: Brianna Vascos (SPAN)
Universidad de Montevideo: Rosalynn Cannon (CMST); Kelly Morales (SPLS)

Friday Fest: France

By Laetitia Lavenier, International Exchange Student from Angers University, France

On October 5, 2012, my fellow French exchange students and I presented France for Friday Fest at Phillip-Hawkins Residence Hall. Friday Fest was a really good experience because we were given the opportunity to remember our country.  We were especially excited to honor France in our own way. We had fun coming up with ideas for our presentation and shared many laughs while telling stories about France.

French Students
Back row L-R : Marc Arends, Hugo Bourget-Olanier
Front row L-R : Marine Berthoux, Justine Marchand, Laetitia Lavenier, Scarlett Ah-Thon, Lucie Duboeuf, Mathilde Moulin
From the beginning, we knew we wanted to start with a strike. We had wanted to bring wine to Friday Fest (because wine is an important part of French culture), but were unable to, so we thought it would be funny to stage a strike. That’s what you get when French people don’t get their wine! We then introduced ourselves and the cities we came from so our international friends knew us a little bit better. We decided to ask everyone if they knew anything about France and our language because we know French culture is quite well-known in the world. Of course, we talked about the common stereotypes and clichés foreigners have about our country. Some of these stereotypes included the food we eat (snails, frog legs, baguettes, smelly cheese), the way we dress (berets, red scarves, blue-striped shirts), the music we listen to (accordion music), and our historical and famous figures (Napoleon Bonaparte, Joan d’Arc, Marcel Marceau). To enhance our points, we showed a video that portrayed these stereotypes in an accurate and funny way. To test the other international students’ knowledge about French culture, we also played a Questions & Answers game. For example, we asked them to name our capital, our national anthem, our president, and the drinking age. Finally, we danced!
French students "On Strike"
This was, without a doubt, the best part of our Friday Fest. We chose “Alexandrie, Alexandra,” a good old song from the 1970s sung by a French pop singer named Claude François, and we danced along with a video of François performing it. The choreography was very funny, so we thought it would be a fun way to conclude our presentation.  During the presentation, we also served food and beverages that represented our country: cheese, Nutella, crepes and sparkling wine.

We all really loved presenting our country, and we really want to do it again next semester!

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