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Volume 11 Edition 2: October 2011 Emily Holmes, Editor

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Student Highlights

Text Box: Maul in Aix-en-Provence, France, holding a baguette.

Maul in Aix-en-Provence, France, holding a baguette

Christina Maul was a study abroad student in France during the spring semester of 2011.  Maul lived in Lyon and studied business at Université Jean Moulin.  Maul recalls how her decision to leave the United States to live in another country was difficult, but she is glad that she went. The one of the thing that Maul loved most about Europe was the food.  She says that she has always loved cooking and learning about other cultures’ food.  Her passion led her to start a food blog entitled “Christina’s Cuisine.”  

“I wanted to share my experience with my friends and family back home,” Maul says, “so decided I would document my travels through food.  I traveled extensively throughout Spain, France, and Italy so all three cuisines are represented in the blog.”  Maul started the blog in early January and wrote about items as they caught her attention, usually at least once a week, throughout her semester in France. 
Maul says that her time in France influenced her greatly, and after she graduates from UNCG, she plans to attend culinary school.  She wants to cook and “eat like a European,” which in her view is much healthier than standard American fare.  Aside from the food, Maul says that she also “fell in love with the European lifestyle,” which she found to be more relaxing than life in the United States.  She recalls simply enjoying her time abroad with fabulous food and great people. 

Text Box: Ice Cream from René Nardone in Lyon, France

Ice Cream from René Nardone in Lyon

Most of all Maul feels that she learned a lot about herself.  “I became a lot more self-assured and confident in my ability to handle situations, and I had a really great time,” Maul says.  “I learned so much about other cultures and my perspective on life has completely changed.”

The following is a sample from Maul’s blog.  Maul made this post, titled “Ice Cream: a seasonal food in France,” in April 2011.

“I really love ice cream. I could eat it every day whether or not it is 20 degrees or 100 degrees outside. I was extremely devastated to learn ice cream shops in France are not open until it becomes sunny and warm. Last week it finally became warm enough for ice cream to be sold, according to French standards. There is a very cool ice cream shop in Lyon, René Nardone, that sells many unique flavors. They sell over 60 flavors including rhubarb, fig, ginger, basil, and lavender. I got a hazelnut ice cream sundae with salted caramel sauce. My friend, Taylor, got a more adventurous sundae with strawberry and violet ice cream.”
For more of Christina’s blog, visit http://christinascuisine.blogspot.com

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