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Volume 12 (20 year Anniversary) Edition 1: September 2012 - Katie Pegram, Editor

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MRC Art Exhibit features Study Abroad Photography
(August  17 – October 19)


Senior Aisha Crawford spoke at the reception on September 5 about her study abroad experience in Lima, Peru

Now through October 19, the UNCG Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) is hosting a special exhibit showcasing photography taken by students while studying abroad. The exhibit features photography by UNCG students Autumn Brehon, Kelley Carter, and Aisha Crawford. Serving as visual testimony of the trio’s experiences, the exhibit works to promote the study abroad program and encourage students to think about studying abroad not just as an opportunity to travel but also as a means to break down barriers between cultures and contribute to a greater global understanding.

The MRC held an art reception for the exhibit on September 5. Senior Aisha Crawford spoke at the reception, providing a lively commentary on her photos and study abroad experience. A Political Science major, Aisha spent the 2012 spring semester studying at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima, Peru. “It was the best time of my entire life,” she said. “It made me appreciate people so much and helped me to figure out who I am.” Prior to studying abroad, Aisha was considering law school, but after her time in Peru, she is now applying for a Fulbright grant, hoping to teach English in Malaysia. “Hopefully I’ll be backpacking in Asia this time next year,” she said.

Aisha was featured on the UNCG website: "Breaking Down Boxes"

Following Aisha’s presentation, Tom Martinek, Jr., Assistant Director of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs, also spoke and answered questions about the study abroad and exchange program at UNCG. 

For more information about the study abroad program, visit /sae/study_abroad_exchanges.html or email us at ipc@uncg.edu.

Kelley Carter on being an IPC Volunteer

Kelley Carter

UNCG alumna Kelley Carter worked as a volunteer at IPC

Volunteering at the International Programs Center was the perfect way for me to use my International and Global Studies degree and gain some real-world work experience at the same time. It was an exciting experience because the IPC Study Abroad and  Exchange Office is right in the center of the international community on campus. I have really enjoyed meeting the incoming international students this year and since working at IPC I have encouraged more of my friends to study abroad. I’m so appreciative for all help I received while I studied abroad in France, and I was glad to have the opportunity to help others through their experience.

It’s not all about work though!  IPC participates in a lot of cultural events too. Recently, the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) held an art exhibit showcasing the photography of study abroad students. I was glad my photography was featured in the exhibit because not only do I like to pretend that I’m an amateur photographer, but I also think it’s important to share the international experiences of students. After all, they offer some of the best primary source material!  I hope exhibits like this can continue to encourage greater numbers of Spartans to study abroad.

With the increasing rate of globalization, opportunities to stay connected to the international community have become crucial building blocks for almost any career sector.  While participating in  the Global Leadership Program (GLP), each student is given the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) which measures your sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences. After taking the IDI, I was given a personalized evaluation that confirmed my fears: I have a large personal space bubble. Having taken the cultural sensitivity tool and workshop, I was much more prepared to interact with people in France. Overall, I can’t talk highly enough about how well UNCG and IPC have prepared me to enter the job market as an educated global citizen. Now I’ve been accepted as an Americorps ACCESS member and will begin teaching English as a foreign language at the Glenwood Library. As far as long-term future plans go, I eventually hope to teach English in Morocco.

Interested in volunteering at IPC? Contact us at ipc@uncg.edu or call (336) 334-5404.

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