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Volume 13, Edition 1: August/September 2013

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ISA Myrtle Beach Trip Fall 2013

By Junyi Hu, UNCG International Graduate Student

Many international students spent Labor Day weekend at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The UNCG international student group spent the Labor Day holiday weekend at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, an annual trip supported and organized by the IPC and the International Students Association (ISA). During each Fall semester, IPC and ISA organize three cultural trips to Myrtle Beach, Washington, DC, and New York City.

On the morning of August 31, we departed from the Phillip-Hawkins Residence Hall for Dayton House Resort in Myrtle Beach. The hotel was right on the beach, so we could feel the wind from the sea while relaxing on our balconies. As soon as we arrived, all of us immediately changed in to our swimsuits and ran to ocean. We swam, surfed, sunbathed, took photos, and played Frisbee, volleyball, and soccer on the beach. All of us enjoyed the wonderful weather and beautiful sights.

That night, we went to Broadway at the Beach, which is one of the biggest travel destinations for shopping, dining, and entertainment at Myrtle Beach. During our visit, we attended the Labor Day fireworks show, one of the largest fireworks shows of the year. We were delighted and amazed as we watched the light of the fireworks cover the night sky.

Though most of our trip was spent relaxing on the beach, we also visited several shopping centers, local stores, and local restaurants over the course of the trip. Some of the students dined at seafood buffets and enjoyed fresh, local cuisine.

We left Myrtle Beach and headed back to UNCG on September 2. We all had a great time, and returned home with many good memories to share. We'll report back soon on our next trip to Washington, DC!

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