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Volume 11 Edition 5: January/February 2012 Emily Holmes, Editor

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Top Story!

Chancellor Brady Welcomes New International Students

Chancellor Charles & Anne Lyons

Left to Right: Chancellor Brady speaks to international students; Dr. Penelope Pynes with Dr. Charles Lyons and his wife, Anne. 

On January 17, 2012, Chancellor Linda Brady held her semi-annual International Student Welcome Reception. The reception was held in the Cone Ballroom of the Elliott University Center for new international students and UNCG students who have returned from study abroad in recent months. At the reception, Chancellor Brady personally welcomed the incoming students as well as international guests Dr. Tanya Castleman and Dr. Sergei Erofeev (see Visitors & scholars). The Chancellor also recognized Dr. Charles Lyons, the original founder of the International Programs Center (IPC), noting that this year marks the 20th anniversary of IPC. Also in attendance was Dr. Joe Baer, Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the German and Russian Department at UNCG.

Chi Gava

Chancellor Brady recognizing international student, Chi Gava

During the Chancellor’s address, she spoke of the importance of international education and UNCG’s commitment to provide “intercultural and international experiences and perspectives” in learning and service and laid out three goals for continued international efforts. First, UNCG will continue to make efforts so that no student will be prohibited from studying abroad due to financial concerns. Second, UNCG pledges to strengthen international volunteer service programs for faculty, students, and staff. Third, the university will work to continue to attract talented international students to study at UNCG.

This semester approximately 120 new international students have come to study at UNCG. About half of those students are part of international exchange programs, and most others are degree-seeking international students or part of the INTERLINK program. The reception was a wonderful opportunity to let these students know how much they are appreciated.

Huda Al-Zurfi & Arwa Al Taher

International graduate students, Huda Al-Zurfi (Left) and Arwa Al Taher

As is the tradition, several students were recognized individually and were able to meet the Chancellor. These students included Chivimbiso (Chi) Gava, Haeun (Helen) Kim, Huda Al-Zurfi, Arwa Al Taher, Amal Sadou, and Fay Alnajadah.

Chi Gava is the first international student on exchange from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Chi is originally from Zimbabwe and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Journalism. She is currently a graduate student in the Department of Journalism.

Helen Kim is from South Korea. She is an international undergraduate degree-seeking student, who is on a UNCG music scholarship.  Her major is Music Performance (flute) and Music Education.

Huda Al-Zurfi is from Iraq and studying through the prestigious Iraqi Education Initiative, an Iraq government student scholar program.  She is a degree-seeking student at UNCG who is studying to receive a Master's degree in the Computer Science. Huda is also a recent graduate of INTERLINK.

Arwa Al Taher is from Libya. She is seeking her Ph.D. in Geography at UNCG  and is studying through a Libyan government scholarship program. Arwa is another recent graduate of INTERLINK.

Amal Sadou from Benin and Fay Alnajadah from Kuwait represented new INTERLINK students.

We would like wish all of the international students a warm welcome and best wishes for the semester. UNCG and IPC are proud to be a part of each student’s journey!

Helen Kim

Haeun (Helen) Kim being recognized by Chancellor Brady

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