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Volume 11 Edition 2: October 2011 Emily Holmes, Editor

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Governor Bev Perdue welcomes International Students to North Carolina

Right to Left:  Vinod Shanmugam, Ravi Thambusamy, Sameera Nalam, Vasanth Subramanian, Governor Perdue, Ananya Huria, Srinath Jogina

Last month, North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue welcomed Chinese and Indian international students from around the state into her home.  Governor Perdue first honored Chinese students on September 13, 2011, at a second annual reception to celebrate the friendship between North Carolina and the country of China. The group of students represented several colleges and universities around the state. UNCG Chinese students and the Director of International Student and Scholar Services, Michael Elliott, attended the function held during the week of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.  Governor Perdue shared how proud she is of North Carolina's many partnerships with businesses in China and how impressed she is with the caliber of international students from China studying in our state. 
The following week, on September 20, a group of Indian students from UNCG, along with Mr. Elliott, attended the Governor's first annual reception to celebrate the business and educational ties the state of North Carolina has with businesses, universities and other organizations throughout India.  Many in the UNCG group had the opportunity to talk for several minutes with Governor Perdue just prior to her welcome address. Shilpa Beravolu, a graduate student in Biochemistry, attended the reception and shared the following:

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue with UNCG student Sameera Nalam

"The Governor's reception for Indian students was great.  It was the best opportunity to meet other Indian students around the state and share our experiences with each other about our education in North Carolina.  Also, we hardly have the chance to meet politicians in the state, especially the Governor, and it was nice to hear how she feels about the Indian community.  I was happy to learn how much she knows about and respects both India and the Indian community living throughout North Carolina.  Something I learned from this experience was that it is possible for international students to meet the Governor. I thought you would have to be a U.S. citizen to have this close an interaction with the state's Governor.  Finally, I enjoyed meeting the Governor's staff and her family.  It was so nice to have her husband help give the official welcome.  Overall, the reception was a very nice and warm experience." Governor Perdue commented at both the receptions on the importance of international students from China and India maintaining their connections with friends and colleagues in the U.S.  She also asked that those who return to their home countries after graduation talk to others about their varied and transformative experiences in our state and help continue to build relationships across the globe.  Likewise, the Governor encouraged those who remain in the U.S. following graduation to help foster new relationships between the U.S. and organizations, business and governments in their respective countries.

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