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Volume 11 Edition 5: January/February 2012 Emily Holmes, Editor

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International Visitors

Chancellor Linda Brady & Deakin visitor

Left to Right:  Dr. Dianne Welsh, Chancellor Linda Brady, Dr. Tanya Castleman, Amélie Jacquemin, and Dr. Penelope Pynes

On January 17, 2012, Dr. Tanya Castleman, Associate Dean of Development and International Programs at Deakin University and professor of Business and Law, visited UNCG from Victoria, Australia. Dr. Castleman’s visit was initiated by Dr. Dianne Welsh, Director of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program and Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Bryan School of Business at UNCG. During her visit, Dr. Castleman took a campus tour and met with Dr. Welsh; Heidi Fischer, Assistant Director for International Student Services at the Bryan School of Business; Tuisha Fernandes, Associate Director of the Bryan MBA Program; and Dr. Penelope Pynes, Associate Provost of International Programs, to discuss student exchange programs in entrepreneurship. Dr. Castleman also met with Dean Mac Banks from the Bryan Business School and attended Chancellor Linda Brady’s Welcome Reception for international students.

Also, pictured is Amélie Jacquemin, a visiting scholar from the Center for Research in Entrepreneurial Change and Innovative Strategies, which is part of the Louvain School of Management at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium. Jacquemin is conducting doctoral research on the “Impact of regulation on entrepreneurship.” 

Erofeev visit

Dr. Kathleen Macfie (far left), Dr. Sarah Krive (left center), Dr. Sergei Erofeev (center), and Dr. Penelope Pynes (far right) with students interested in studying at European University of St. Petersburg

Also on January 17-18, 2012, Dr. Sergei Erofeev, Director of International Programs at European University of St. Petersburg (EUSP), visited UNCG from St. Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Erofeev’s visited was organized with the help of Dr. Kathleen Macfie, Associate Professor of Russian Studies and Chair of the Russian Studies Faculty Committee at UNCG. Upon arrival, Dr. Erofeev attended the Chancellor's Welcome Reception with Dr. Macfie and then proceeded to an information session about EUSP open to students and a discussion on the recent elections in Russia. Also during his visit, Dr. Erofeev met with Dr. Penelope Pynes, Associate Provost for International Programs at UNCG; Dr. Sarah Krive, Assistant Dean of the Lloyd International Honors College; and Dr. Roberto Campo, Director of International and Global Studies, to discuss collaborative opportunities between UNCG and EUSP for undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as potential collaboration on the new Center for the Study of Modernity that EUSP is developing in Kazan, Russia. They also considered strategies for supporting faculty and student opportunities in both St. Petersburg and Kazan. Dr. David Crowe from the History and Geography Department at Elon University was also invited to join this discussion in order to explore the possibility of creating a regional Russian Studies initiative that would include cooperation with EUSP and a regional conference, the Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, in Spring 2013, to be held at UNCG.

 "Argentina's Furious Antigone: Transitional Justice and Performative Acts of Recovery"

In October 2011, Dr. Brenda Werth, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at American University, gave a fascinating talk titled "Argentina's Furious Antigone: Transitional Justice and Performative Acts of Recovery ".  Professor Werth specializes in contemporary Latin American Theatre and Southern Cone Studies, and her areas of expertise include performance, memory studies, documentary theatre, and film. Her latest book Theatre, Performance, and Memory Politics in Argentina examines the intersection of theatre, memory, and human rights discourse in post-dictatorial Argentina.

Brenda Werth

Dr. Brenda Werth, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at American University

In her talk, she discussed the transformative engagement of performance with memory politics and human rights in Argentina over the course of the post-dictatorial period. This event was of particular interest to the graduate and undergraduate students currently taking the courses on Latin American Literature and culture some of whom had previously read the play "Antigona Furiosa" by Argentinean writer Griselda Gambaro, a play that discusses memory and violence in Argentinean dirty war. After the talk students and faculty engaged in a lively conversation with professor Werth. This talk was particularly relevant to our community at a time of intense social and political revolutions in different parts of the world, where people and nations are struggling to resist and overturn dictatorial regimes. It provided an opportunity to reflect on the role of art, literature and performance in these complex processes.

The event was organized by Dr. Claudia Cabello-Hutt and was sponsored by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, as well as by the IPC Kohler Fund.

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