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Volume 12, Edition 5: January/February 2013 *20 year Anniversary*

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International Scholars Spring 2013 Reception for Scholars, Sponsors, and PhD Students

Since the end of Fall Semester 2012, IPC and UNCG have been pleased to welcome five new scholars to our campus:

  • Jun Kim and Jungyun Jang (South Korea) – Department of Kinesiology, Dr. Diane Gill
  • Kirill Fayn (Australia) – Department of Psychology, Dr. Paul Silvia
  • Kuan-Ting Lee (Taiwan) – Department of Kinesiology, Dr. Joseph Starnes
  • Joon Jong Son (South Korea) – Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, Dr. Ulrich Reitzug

IPC held a Welcome Reception for our visiting scholars on January 31, 2013, to introduce our newly arrived scholars to UNCG’s faculty, international PhD students, and other scholars on our campus.

We also are expecting three more scholars to arrive later this spring:

  • Kristin Bowey (Canada) – Department of Nanoscience, Dr. Marinella Sandros
  • Sharifah Latifah Syed Abdul Kadir (Malaysia) – Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Dr. Prashant Palvia
  • Merlo Vega (Spain) – Department of Library and Information Studies, Dr. Clara Chu
UNCG typically hosts approximately 50 scholars per year. To learn more about inviting scholars, contact Mike Elliott (Director of International Student and Scholar Services) at mjellio2@uncg.edu.

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