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Volume 12, Edition 2: October 2012 *20 year Anniversary*

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Linda Holm Visit
Linda Holm (second from left) with (from left to right) Dr. Penelope Pynes, Denise Bellamy, Tom Martinek, Jr., Kaitlin Ritchie, and Angie Kapely
Malmö University, Sweden

On September 24-26, IPC was pleased to host Linda Holm, International Relations Officer at Malmö University in Malmö, Sweden. Linda, somewhat new to the field of international education, came to learn more about UNCG and IPC office operations before heading off to other Malmö partners in the U.S. For that reason, most of her time was spent with various IPC staff, including Denise Bellamy (IPC Director of Study Abroad and Exchange), Kaitlin Ritchie (IPC Incoming Exchange Coordinator), Angie Kapely (IPC Study Abroad Coordinator), Dr. Catherine Holderness (Interim Director of the University of North Carolina Exchange Program), and Tom Martinek, Jr. (IPC Assistant Director of Study Abroad and Exchange).

International Scholars Fall 2012 Reception for Scholars, Sponsors, and PhD Students

Since the end of Spring Semester 2012, IPC and UNCG have been pleased to welcome twelve new scholars to our campus:

  • Asim and Nazmiye Civitci (Turkey) – Department of Counseling and Educational Development, Dr. James Benshoff
  • Maria Cordoba (Costa Rica) – Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Dr. Robert Brown
  • Alan De Asha (U.K.) – Department of Kinesiology, Dr. Christopher K. Rhea
  • Baki Duy (Turkey) - Department of Counseling and Educational Development, Dr. James Benshoff
  • Jung Hyun Kim (South Korea) – Department of Gerontology, Dr. Janice Wassel
  • Paula Morales Lazaro (Spain) – Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dr. Patricia Reggio
  • Martina Oberhofer (Austria) – Department of Biology, Dr. Stanley Faeth
  • Se Yun Park (South Korea) – Department of Kinesiology, Dr. Diane Gill
  • Shaleen Shukla (India) – Department of Physics, Dr. Promod Pratap
  • Seniye Vural (Fulbright Student Scholar from Turkey) – Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education, Dr. Dale Schunk
  • Guoyong Wang (China) - Department of Kinesiology , Dr. Ang Chen
  • Jia Tong (China) – Department of Biology, Dr. Stanley Faeth

IPC held a Welcome Reception for our visiting scholars on September 25, 2012 to introduce our newly arrived scholars to UNCG’s faculty, international PhD students, and other scholars on our campus.  We are expecting one more scholar later this fall: Kristin Bowey (Canada) will be conducting research in the School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering with Dr. Marinella Sandros. 

Scholar Reception
Staff collect to meet scholars

UNCG typically hosts approximately 50 scholars per year. To learn more about inviting scholars, contact Mike Elliott, Director, International Student and Scholar Services mjellio2@uncg.edu

University of Konstanz, Germany

Werner Palz Uni Konstanz
Dr. Werner Palz (second from right) with Dr. Tom Matyók, Dr. Cathryne Schmitz, and Dr. Celia Hooper (Dean, HHS)
On October 6-9, IPC welcomed Dr. Werner Palz, Coordinator of International Exchange and MA Programmes in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz in Konstanz, Germany. The purpose of this visit was to help nurture our new Dual-Degree Program with the University of Konstanz. Dr. Palz spent a few days on campus meeting with students currently in the program and those interested in the exchange for 2014, using the time to further refine the dual-degree initiative based on feedback from students participating this academic year, faculty, and IPC staff discussions. The visit included meeting with Dr. Penelope Pynes (IPC Associate Provost), Tom Martinek, Jr., Denise Bellamy, Kaitlin Ritchie, Dr. Tom Matyók (Director of International Studies; Program in Conflict and Peace Studies, UNCG), Dr. Cathryne Schmitz (Director, Conflict and Peace Studies, UNCG), Dr. Celia Hooper (Dean of the UNCG School of Health and Human Sciences) and current Konstanz international exchange students Stephanie Smith and Anna Mergelmeyer. Dr. Palz also attended an information session for UNCG students interested in the program and took a campus tour with Angie Kapely and Logan Stanfield, IPC Study Abroad Coordinators.

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