Visitors and Visiting Scholars

April 2010

>Visitor from the European Business School

From March 2-4, the International Programs Center (IPC) welcomed Mr. Pierre Y. Ferrando, Associate Professor and Director of Master's Programs, from the European Business School (EBS) in Paris, France. Mr. Ferrando met primarily with faculty and staff in the Bryan Business School, including Dr. Vidya Gargeya, Professor & Director of the MBA Program; Dr. Nir Kshetri, Assistant Professor of Marketing and former visiting professor to EBS; Dr. Larry Taube, Associate Professor & Director of the Undergraduate Program; Dr. Catherine Holderness, Assistant to the Dean; Tuisha Fernandes, Associate Director of the MBA Program; Heidi Fischer, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Services and Study Abroad Coordinator; Dr. Don McCrickard, Senior Associate Dean; Dr. Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean; and Pam Cash, Assistant Dean. His visit also included lunch with Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Professor & Director of the Lloyd International Honors College, and Dr. Roberto Campo, Professor and Director of the International and Global Studies Program.

Mr. Ferrando finished his day by having dinner with Dr. Dave Perrin, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Dr. Penelope Pynes, IPC's Associate Provost, and Betty Flinchum.


>University of Catania Visitor

IPC hosted Manuela D'Amore, Lecturer of English Lanauge and Literature, from the University of Catania, Italy, on March 14-26. The purpose of her visit was to explore and discuss faculty and student exchanges and co-curricular options. Ms. D'Amore's first day included meetings and a campus tour with IPC's Study Abroad and Exchange Programs staff.

Logan Stanfield, Ajaya Francis, Tom Martinek Jr., and Denise Bellamy with Manuela D'Amore

During her visit to UNCG, Manuela met with Dr. Arthur Murphy, Head of the Anthropology Department; Dr. Promod Pratap, Head of the Physics Department; Dean Timothy Johnston, College of Arts and Science; Dr. Patricia Wasserboehr, Head of Art Department; Dr. Roberto Campo, Head of International and Global Studies; Dr. Ruth DeHoog, Head of the Political Science Department; and Dr. Carmen Sotomayor, Head of Romance Languages Department.

Additionally, Ms. D'Amore attended a conference at Duke University with Dr. Veronica Grassi and spent another day exploring the library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


>Shangwei Education Group Visitor

On March 19, Mr. Jun Pan, Group Director Assistant of the Shangwei Education Group, came to UNCG for a short visit. He was escorted by Associate Provost Dr. Penelope Pynes to a meeting with faculty and staff in the Bryan Business School, which included Dr. Pynes; Dr. Don McCrickard, Senior Associate Dean; Dr. Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs; and Tuisha Fernandes, Assistant Director of MBA Program. Directly after, Mr. Pan was led on a campus tour by IPC's Cinnamon Hunter, Administrative Assistant, who then accompanied our guest to the airport.


>Visitor from Plantijnhogeschool

From March 27 through April 3, IPC and the Department of Social Work welcomed Mieke Defieuw, Professor of Special Pedagogy in the Department of Social Work at the Plantijnhogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. The purpose of her visit was to enhance the study abroad relationships and faculty exchange within the Global Work with Immigrant Kids (GWIK) project.

On March 29, Ms. Defieuw was accompanied by Der Xiong to the Doris Henderson Newcomer's School, followed by a lunch meeting with Dr. Katherine Jamieson, Director of Women’s & Gender Studies and Dr. Tara Green, Director of African American Studies. She also met with Dr. Betsy Lindsey, Chair of the Department of Social Work and Rebecca Curtis of Conflict Studies, before attending a Conflict Studies class.

The following day, Ms. Defieuw visited North Carolina A&T University to meet with Office of International Program Staff, Allegra Johnson Laing and Mrs. Minnie Battle Mayes. Her visit to A&T included a campus tour by Ms. Brittany Haney and Allegra Johnson Laing and a meeting with the class of Dr. Elizabeth Watson, Director of the Bachelor of Social Work Program at A&T.

The next day consisted of meeting with IPC staff, taking a UNCG campus tour, and attending Social Work 412: Social Work Methods II. Ms. Defieuw had a final lunch meeting with Melissa Taylor, Bachelor's of Social Work Director, before traveling to Asheville with Dr. Cathryne Schmitz at the end of her visit.

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February 2010

Visitors from Rotterdam Business School

On December 10, 2009, the International Programs Center hosted Mr. Ard van Aken, Associate Dean of Rotterdam University’s Business School, and Mr. Johan Reijenga, Head of International Relations and Senior Lecturer of Marketing at Rotterdam University’s School of Commercial Management Studies. Led by Denise Bellamy, the Rotterdam visitors met with faculty in the Bryan School of Business, which included Dr. Vidyaranya Gargeya, Professor and Director of the MBA Program; Dr. Donald McCrickard, Associate Professor of Economics & Senior Associate Dean; Dr. Joyendu Bhadury, Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management and Associate Dean; Tuisha Fernandes, Associate Director of MBA Program; and Heidi Fischer, Assistant Director/Coordinator for International Student Services, Bryan School of Business and Economics. Heidi then escorted Mr. Aken and Mr. Reijenga on a tour of the Bryan School before meeting Tom Martinek, Jr. and Ajaya Francis for lunch.                  

Heidi Fischer, Ard van Aken, Johan Reijenga, and Tuisha Fernandes

Tom Martinek Jr., Johan Reijenga, Ard van Aken, Ajaya Francis, and Logan Stanfield

Our guests from the Netherlands ended their day with a campus tour led by Logan Stanfield and a debrief meeting with Denise Bellamy. The two universities are currently exploring a possible exchange agreement and IPC looks forward to working with Rotterdam University.


Trinity College Visitor

On January 12, 2010, the International Programs Center welcomed Mr. Kevin Matherick, Head of the Faculty of Arts and Social Studies at Trinity University College in Wales. The purpose of Mr. Matherick’s visit was to discuss the current exchange agreement between Trinity and UNCG, see some of the UNCG campus, and explore possible new developments such as summer programs, international fellowships, and postgraduate opportunities. Trinity College has also recently merged with the University of Wales Lampeter to become the new University of Wales: Trinity Saint David.

While at UNCG, Mr. Matherick met with Dr. Penelope Pynes before being escorted on a campus tour by IPC intern, Jennifer Beam. He also met with Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Director of Lloyd International Honor College; Dr. Tom Martinek from the Department of Kinesiology; Heidi Fischer, Assistant Director/Coordinator for International Student Services, Bryan School of Business and Economics; and IPC staff: Tom Martinek Jr., Ajaya Francis, and Denise Bellamy.

Kevin Matherick talking with Denise Bellamy and Ajaya Francis

After these meetings, Mr. Matherick joined in the festivities of move-in day at the I-House where he met up with the newly arrived Trinity students who will be studying at UNCG for the spring semester.           


Kevin Matherick with Trinity College students at the I-House

Visiting Scholar

IPC additionally welcomes our Visiting Research Scholar, from Turkey, Mr. Ismet Koc, hosted by Dr. James M. Benshoff in the Department of Counseling and Educational Development.  

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December 2009

Visitor from the University of Valencia

The International Programs Center welcomed Dr. Vicente Andreu from the University of Valencia’s Office of International Relations on November 19-20. Dr. Andreu met with Dr. Penelope Pynes before being escorted on a campus tour with Logan Stanfield. After a meeting with Dr. Carmen Sotomayor, Chair of the Romance Language Department, our guest attended the IPC Advisory Committee meeting where he shared some information on his university and the international programs that it offers to students. This was Dr. Andreu’s first visit to UNCG and IPC hopes to continue collaborating with the University of Valencia for future programs.

Pamela Harrod and Dr. Carmen Sotomayor with Dr. Andreu

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November 2009

IPC and Department of Social Work welcome Professor Joël Verjans

From October 13-17, the International Programs Center (IPC) along with the Department of Social Work hosted Professor Joël  Verjans, a Lector and National Representative from the Plantijn Hogeschool in Belgium. During his stay, Professor Verjans met with several IPC staff, including Dr. Penelope Pynes, Denise Bellamy, Tom Martinek, Jr., and Ajaya Francis. He was also led on a tour of campus by Logan Stanfield.

Professor Verjans leading a class discussion

Joël made several site visits while in Greensboro. One day consisted of visiting the campus of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (NC A&T) for a class presentation and tour with faculty from their Department of Sociology and Social Work, led by A&T’s Director of International Programs, Minnie Battle-Mayes.

Professor Verjans, with Dr. Cathryne Schmitz of the Department of Social Work, then visited the Newcomers School before attending the BSW Committee Meeting and luncheon. He had the chance to meet and greet other Social Work faculty, including Dr. Betsey Lindsey, Dr. Melissa Taylor, and Mr. Kevin Carter.

For more information on Professor Verjans and Dr. Cathryne Schmitz’s involvement in the GWIK Project, please see Faculty Corner.


Gordon Smith Visits from Plymouth University

On October 28 and 29, UNCG welcomed Gordon Smith, Program Manager for the International Business Program and Senior Lecturer in Business Operations Strategy at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. The University of Plymouth is one of UNCG’s oldest partner schools, a relationship dating back to 1993.

During his visit, Gordon Smith, a lecturer in the field of operations and supply chain management, met with Dr. Donald McCrickard, Senior Associate Dean of the Bryan School of Business and Economics, and Catherine Holderness, Assistant to the Dean. Gordon also met with various IPC staff and Heidi Fischer, Assistant Director and Coordinator for International Student Services in the Bryan School’s Office of Undergraduate Student Services.

Gordon regularly visits the U.S. each year to check in on his students at universities and worksites in several U.S. states. During his trip to Greensboro, he also met with the four Plymouth University students who are currently studying at UNCG. The primary purpose for his visit was to continue the development of a double degree agreement for UNCG’s Business Administration majors to receive simultaneously a BA in International Business after studying at the University of Plymouth for one academic year.


September 2009

Welcome to our new Visiting Scholars

After traveling via Dubai and New York from Damascus, Syria, Naila Atrach, a new international visiting scholar in the Department of Theatre, arrived to Charlotte on August 18, 2009. Through a coordinated effort between the Office of the Provost, School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Theatre and the International Programs Center, Dr. Atrach was invited to UNCG to teach and do research for the 2009-10 academic year. Dr. Atrach comes to UNCG from Syria where she is a professor of Arab and political theatre, a director of theater, and an actress. Dr. Atrach is teaching a class this semester about Arab and non-Western theatre. Department of Theatre Head Jim Fisher says, "We are thrilled to have Naila with us -- she's a lovely person as well as an outstanding teacher and scholar. It is extraordinary to be able to offer our theatre students a course on Arab drama and film. Very few such courses are to be found on U.S. campuses and our students are very fortunate indeed to have the opportunity to experience an immersion in a culture most of us, sadly, know too little about."

Other international visiting scholars who arrived or are scheduled to arrive this fall semester include Yi Zhou from China, who will teach in the Department of German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Studies; and Naho Matsumoto, who is from Japan and will be doing research in the Department of Kinesiology. The Department of Educational Research Methodology will welcome scholars Yanyu Yi from China and Onder Sunbul from Turkey, who will both be doing research for the department.  Additionally, Chiping Ji and Hongxia Dai will come from China to conduct research in the University Libraries, and a Fulbright Scholar from Palestine is here as a researcher in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Over the summer 2009, another five international visiting scholars began appointments at the university. We welcome all our scholars to UNCG and hope their time here is productive and rewarding!


International Visitor

This August, IPC and the Bryan School of Business welcomed visitor Joachim Mayer from our partner university, the Institut für Europäische und Internationale Wirtschaftsstudien in Worms, Germany. While here, Professor Mayer met with Dr. Penelope Pynes, Denise Bellamy, and Tom Martinek, Jr. He went on to have meetings in the Bryan School with Dr. Catherine Holderness, Heidi Fischer, Tom Keller, and Amanda Pelon. The following day, Ajaya Francis and Logan Stanfield accompanied Professor Mayer to lunch. Afterwards, Logan escorted our guest to have coffee and an exciting campus tour by golf cart! Joachim finished his visit at UNCG with a trip to Battleground Park with Dr. Holderness and dinner with Dr. Holderness and Dr. Pynes. The IPC has also just renewed our agreement with Worms.

Denise Bellamy with Joachim Mayer and Heidi Fischer


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