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Volume 10, Edition 2 October 2010


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ChinaCast Visitors

On September 6 and 7, IPC along with the Bryan School of Business and Economics, welcomed several representatives from ChinaCast Education Corporation. Mr. Xiangyuan Jiang, Ms. Yao Wu, Mr. Hairong Yuan, and Mr. Jun Pan were greeted by Dr. Penelope Pynes at the airport.

The following day, the ChinaCast members had discussions with Drs. Donald McCrickard, Senior Associate Dean of the Bryan School; Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research in the Bryan School; Vidya Gargeya, Director of MBA Programs; Kevin Lowe, Head of the Department of Business Administration; and Penelope Pynes.

Dr. Pynes hosted lunch for the guests at a Thai restaurant before they were brought on a campus tour with Logan Stanfield, Study Abroad Coordinator at IPC.

Established in 1999, ChinaCast Education Corporation is a leading for-profit, post-secondary education and e-learning services provider in China. The Company provides post-secondary degree and diploma programs through its two universities in China: The Foreign Trade and Business College of Chongqing Normal University and the Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University. These universities offer fully accredited, career-oriented bachelor's degree and diploma programs in business, economics, law, IT/computer engineering, hospitality and tourism management, advertising, language studies, art and music. For more information, see their website: http://ir.chinacast.com.cn/



ChinaCast representatives with Penelope Pynes and Kevin Lowe



Penelope, Yvonne, Stefanie, and Denise


Visitors from Mannheim University

On September 24, the Bryan School of Business and Economics, along with the International Programs Center, hosted two visitors from the Mannheim Business School at Mannheim University, Ms. Yvonne Paulus and Ms. Stefanie Buchert.

The visitors started their day with a tour of the Byran School with Dr. Catherine Holderness, Lecturer and Online Program Coordinator, and a campus tour with Brittany Atkinson, a UNCG student who studied abroad at Mannheim University. Paulus and Buchert then had lunch with Dr. Don Mc Crickard, Senior Associate Dean; Dr. Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean; Dr. Vidya Gargeya, MBA Program Director; and Ms. Tuisha Fernandes, MBA Program Associate Director.

Dr. Holderness then escorted the guests to Friday Fest where they were able to meet up with their students from Mannheim. Our German friends ended their day with a meeting with Denise Bellamy, Director of Study Abroad and Exchanges, and dinner with Dr. Penelope Pynes, Associate Provost for International Programs, and Dr. Holderness.

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