May 2009

Bon Voyage Celebration for Students, Staff, and Faculty!


The spring semester is wrapping up and once again IPC is saying farewell to international exchange students heading home, international degree-seeking students who are graduating, and UNCG students beginning their study abroad experience next semester.  At the end of every spring semester, the Chancellor hosts a Bon Voyage celebration for students, staff, faculty, and friends to reminisce and to enjoy one another’s company. The academic year is drawing to a close but the International Programs Center likes to finish the year on a high, which is why International Festival is celebrated in the middle of April and is quickly followed by the Chancellor’s Reception.

The Chancellor’s Reception took place on April 30, in the Cone Ballroom of the Elliott University Center. Provost David Perrin spoke at the event and related his own experiences abroad to the students gathered around him. He encouraged them to enhance their international experiences and to continue to learn as much as they can from other cultures because it will be something that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Some highlights from this year include I-Fest, the International Student Association’s (ISA) semi-formal, ISA’s Myrtle Beach trip with international students, and all of our outstanding international visitors! It has been a great year, but there is even more to look forward to next year.

Here are some things to look out for in the upcoming year: International Education Week in November, the International Ambassador Program, and, of course, welcoming new international students and sending off UNCG exchange students.

Dr. Pynes is very proud of IPC’s full-circle International programs. Although the academic year might be over, we are on campus and working hard all year round. Our programs never stop, just like our dedication to our students. Have you ever wondered what the International Programs Center does to prepare UNCG students for studying abroad? Then read on to find out more about the process our students go through in their preparation.

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February 2009

Welcome to 2009 and a Spring Semester!

2009 has begun, along with it a new semester, and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and thank you for reading our newsletter.  We began our spring semester with the semi-annual Chancellor’s Welcome Reception. On January 20, international students, returning study abroad students, Global Leadership Program participants, Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) students and INTERLINK students gathered in the Elliott University Center to socialize and interact with International Programs Center (IPC) staff and faculty from across the campus.  It was a chance for students, staff and faculty to talk about their successes from last year and their hopes for the new one.  Dr. Penelope Pynes, Interim Associate Provost of International Programs at UNCG, was pleased to see so many students attend considering it was also the highly anticipated inauguration day: “It was great to see so many of our students there celebrating both the start of a new semester and the inauguration of President Barack Obama.” What better way to start a semester? It was an historic and exciting day, and it was a great way to start the year with students, staff and faculty together


Michael Elliott, Tom Martinek Jr., Provost David Perrin, and Pamela Harrod welcome new international students

Another piece of important news delivered that day was that the search for the new Associate Provost of International Programs has been postponed for a year and Dr. Pynes’ interim position has been extended.  Dr. Pynes has been working constantly to promote the importance of international programs on campus, and in North Carolina and beyond, and is looking forward to having another year to push forward with IPC’s targets and goals.

This year we are fully engaged in the University strategic planning process, in particular in regards to international programs. The new vision and mission statement, has been approved by Chancellor Brady but will still need to be approved by the UNC Board of Governors.  “We believe in comprehensive internationalization and want to focus on its importance given the wide-spread effects of globalization in higher education.  We hope to internationalize the curriculum, increase international collaborative networking and research efforts, and enhance reciprocal exchange in its broadest sense,” Dr. Pynes said.
“UNCG has such amazing resources in our community and we need to utilize them.  Those who do not already make use of our international students on campus and in the international community in Greensboro should do so.  We want to be more inclusive and internationalize the entire campus so that all students at UNCG, no matter their major, have a global experience.  Both visiting international scholars and degree-seeking students will be integrated more fully into our community and we will get to know them and learn from their global perspectives.

At the most recent International Programs Advisory Committee meeting, committee members spoke about system-wide efforts to enhance international education. The discussion included efforts to utilize technology to connect with the world. One example we’d like to replicate is that of Dr. Rosina Chia of East Carolina University who makes use of technology in her classes to give her students a global experience. Her students enjoy real time classes with students in other countries via Skype and video conferencing.  These students develop friendships over social networking sites such as Facebook and continue their friendships beyond the class itself. UNCG’s Jonathan Tudge has used video conferencing with our partners in Oulu, Finland, to give his students a global experience. Other system-wide proposals will be to expand our language offerings through consortia, to catalog and share international activities and work more closely with community leaders to shape the future of North Carolina.

Committee member Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Director of Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) believes that there needs to be a deep international component  to all of the classes that LIHC offers its students and he wants to encourage newly returned students from studies abroad to get involved with LIHC. 

The increase in international admissions across campus and the positive responses we receive from faculty members who are working with international scholars/professors reiterate the importance of internationalizing higher education for all majors. Last semester we celebrated many things, such as hosting the North Carolina International Student Leadership Conference, the start of the Asian Studies major, and the Chancellor spending Thanksgiving with UNCG’s international students, but Dr. Pynes knows that this year is going to be an exciting one. We are eagerly anticipating the North Carolina Association of International Educators conference to be held at UNCG (March 13) and UNCG’s 27th annual International Festival (April 18). 

Dr. Pynes concluded our talk by saying that she is looking forward to this year, working with UNCG and the Greensboro community, to ensure that UNCG students receive the best education and life experiences that they can and encouraging faculty to incorporate international and intercultural perspectives throughout their work.
We would like to thank you all for reading our newsletter and we wish you a very productive and happy new year!

P.S. We have now been using the electronic format of E-Newsworthy for one semester now and have calculated that we have saved one whole tree by no longer printing paper copies. We would love to hear your comments and thoughts about E-Newsworthy so please complete the survey at the end of the newsletter and help us make E-Newsworthy great!


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September 2008

Welcome to a New Academic Year!

The International Programs Center would like to welcome you to an exciting new academic year! Change is in the air as we say goodbye to old friends and welcome new ones. At the close of last semester we wished Chancellor Patricia Sullivan and the Associate Provost of International Programs, Dr. Lyn Lawrance, the best for their futures. Now, at the dawn of this new academic year, we happily welcome Chancellor Linda P. Brady and Interim Associate Provost, Dr. Penelope Pynes.

Chancellor Brady comes from the University of Oregon, where she was Senior Vice President and Provost before coming to UNCG August 1 to become UNCG’s 10th chancellor.  UNC President Erskine Bowles said that with her “broad experience in higher education and federal government, her demonstrated integrity and sound judgment, and her profound understanding of the global marketplace in which our students must compete, Linda Brady will be a forceful and effective leader for UNC Greensboro.”  We agree.

On August 26, Chancellor Brady continued in Chancellor Sullivan’s footsteps when she hosted the bi-annual Chancellor’s Welcome Reception for new international students and returning study abroad students. In her speech, Chancellor Brady praised the benefits and importance of studying abroad before concluding that she does not want money to be the reason students do not study abroad. 

To read more about Chancellor Brady's address to campus, please click here.

Change is also in the air at the International Programs Center as Dr. Penelope Pynes has assumed the role of Interim Associate Provost for International Programs at UNCG.  Dr. Pynes has been with UNCG for 17 years and has been Director of Study Abroad and Exchange since 2000.  Originally hired as a German professor, it was clear her role would be greater than that when asked by her former Chair, Dr. Joe Baer, whether she would be dedicated to working to internationalize the campus by promoting study abroad and exchange at UNCG.

Dr. Pynes is looking forward to strengthening initiatives set in place by her predecessors, like the Global Leadership Program and participating in Scholars at Risk.  IPC will also be hosting several statewide conferences this year, such as the International Student Leadership Conference and the North Carolina Association of International Educators.

As Dr. Pynes is promoted to interim Associate Provost, Denise Bellamy is serving as Acting Director of Study Abroad & Exchange Programs.  As Acting Director, Denise helps to support Outgoing Exchanges, Study Abroad (Faculty-Led Programs), and the Disney program.

Denise hopes that SAE "continues to excel in our role as advocates for domestic and international students. Our goal is to continue to promote international exchange opportunities and global awareness throughout the campus and local community." Denise also said that she is "excited and thankful for the opportunity to develop professionally with such a talented and supportive team."

UNCG has certainly been dedicated to internationalizing the campus and we look forward to the coming year.  Great things are sure to be happening this year so keep reading the new-look electronic E-E-Newsworthy to hear about them.  Good luck to Chancellor Brady and to Dr. Pynes!



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