Traveling abroad as a faculty member requires some preparation, even for the most seasoned of travelers. This page addresses many questions a faculty member may have regarding visas, UNCG export control, travel registry and warnings, traveling with students versus traveling alone, immunizations, and emergencies abroad. Faculty may find the following timeline of steps and resources useful in planning their travel. Note: If you plan to accompany students internationally, be sure to follow the protocols laid out under Lead a Group Abroad.

More than Eight Weeks Prior to Travel

  • Passport: Apply for a passport early. If already in possession of a passport, note that it typically must be valid for six months beyond the date you return to the U.S., and contain a certain number of blank pages if a visa is required.
  • Vaccines: Many countries require vaccines or preventative medications that may require multiple doses spaced out over several weeks.
  • Visas: Enter the countries you will be traveling to and scroll down to determine entry, exit, and visa requirements. Vaccine requirements are also available here.

Six Weeks Prior to Travel

  • Travel Approval: All overnight travel by University employees on University business is to be authorized by the Chancellor or Chancellor’s delegate (most often this is the traveler’s supervisor or authorized personnel) prior to the trip.
  • Form TRV-1: This form must be completed with prior approval and appropriate signatures for any out-of-country travel if it involves an overnight stay.
  • Office of Contracts and Grants: All international travel funded by contracts and grants requires additional prior approval from this office.
  • Institutional Review Board: Those conducting human subject(s) research should consult with UNCG’s I.R.B.
  • UNCG Faculty/Staff Travel Registration: Begin entering information into IPC’s Travel Registry. Travel must be registered no later than four weeks before departure.

After Travel Approval (approximately 2–5 weeks before departure)

  • Travel Funding: Verify funding for proposed trip has been awarded. It is common for some of the travel funding to be tied to the T.R.V. reimbursement process; your departmental administrative assistant will be the best source of procedures in your unit. Complete travel bookings.
  • Health/Medical Preparation: Consider purchasing comprehensive international travel insurance (not just emergency medical insurance). All UNCG students must have policy coverage through GeoBlue international health insurance for the duration of their travel. Questions about UNCG’s Blue Cross Blue Shield employee insurance benefits for travel can be directed to the N.C. State Health Plan home page. Questions about GeoBlue’s supplemental insurance can be addressed at IPC
  • STEP Registration: Enrollment in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) provides you with important, up-to-date U.S. Department of State information about your country of travel.
  • Export Control: Complete the UNCG Travel Checklist and meet with Dr. Lisa A. Goble, UNCG’s Export Control Official (336-256-1173 or to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

One Week before Departure

  • Cash: Call your bank and credit card provider(s) about your travel plans (so that your credit cards are not frozen while away). Obtain local currency at your bank in the U.S. or develop a plan to obtain local currency immediately upon arrival.
  • Documents: Make copies of important documents (passport, visa, driver’s license); pack one copy in your carry-on, one in your checked luggage, and leave one with a trusted individual prior to departure. (Nowadays, having a digital copy is advisable.)