Finding A Visiting Scholar
As a world-class institution, the University of North Carolina Greensboro welcomes visiting researchers and faculty from all over the world. Many academic departments have an interest in expanding the number of international scholars teaching and doing research in their fields.  Listed below are some suggestions on finding international scholars to invite to your department, whether it is for a 3-year teaching appointment, a 1-year postdoctoral research appointment, a six month short-term research appointment or a three month visit to demonstrate a special skill.
  • Contact overseas colleagues or their students;
  • Get in touch with acquaintances from international and regional conferences, including those where you have met visiting scholars already in the U.S.;
  • Contact overseas institutions with whom UNCG has exchange agreements (consult the International Programs Office about existing and possible future exchange agreements);
  • Advertise through professional organizations, etc. (generally for paid positions such as postdoctoral fellow or adjunct faculty).