International visiting scholars come to the U.S. with various forms of funding, including sponsor institution, home institution and personal support.  Outlined below are both possible means of funding an international scholar and the financial requirements for hosting an international scholar.

Funding the Visit
  • Internal
    • Salary funded by grants or institutional budget;
    • Adjunct faculty appointment with departmental funding.
  • External
    • Sabbatical pay from home institution/employer;
    • Scholarships from government, either U.S. or home, or private/international sources;
    • Personal funds of international visiting scholar.
Minimum Required Financial Support

Sufficient financial support* is required for a J-1 Scholar. J-2 dependents who accompany the J-1 require additional funding. The minimum amounts required are:

  • J-1 Scholar                    $1,500 per month = $18,000 per year
  • J-2 Spouse                    $600 per month = $7,200 per year
  • J-2 Child                       $600 per month = $7,200 per year per child

*Subject to periodic changes in amounts required.

Evidence of Financial Support

If the J-1 Scholar’s support is from a source other than UNCG, evidence of funding must be included with this request. If supported by personal funds, a bank statement in US$ must be provided. If supported by government or international funds, an official statement translated into English with funds converted to US$ must be provided.