Getting Involved As Faculty and Advisors

The International Programs Center (IPC) conducts a variety of activities related to study abroad and internationalizing our campus in which you as faculty and staff members could participate. We are always looking for interested individuals who want to help promote and improve our programs. Below are a few of those opportunities, but if you have ideas about ways to expand interaction with North Carolinians and international students feel free to contact us.

The Study Abroad Committee, appointed by the Provost, examines new programs and serves in an advisory capacity for our exchange and study abroad programs. The committee meets twice per semester and is composed of program directors of our various programs. If interested, please contact Penelope Pynes to learn more.

The Study Abroad Selection Committee plays an integral part in interviewing students who have completed the application process. Volunteers, who have experience in international activities or are interested in supporting the university's study abroad programs, are invited to interview students and evaluate them (approximately, 2 hours/per semester). The application deadlines are generally February 15 (for full-year and fall semester programs) and October 1 (for spring semester applications). Interviews take place beginning Monday of the following week and last approximately one week. To be put on the distribution list for this committee, you need only to send an email to Penelope Pynes.

You will receive notification of available times and can volunteer to interview. Feel free to contact Penelope if you would like more information.

Once students are selected to go on study abroad, IPC provides an all-day orientation for students. These orientations are meant to prepare students for study abroad. Because of the breadth of our exchange, we need individuals who have experience in specific countries or have general knowledge about intercultural issues, such as culture shock. If you are interested in participating in this crucial aspect of preparing students for study abroad, please call Denise Bellamy to get more information.

Each Friday, international students present their country at an informal presentation called Friday Fest. The Friday Fests are coordinated by the International Student Association. You may want to invite your classes to participate in this fun and entertaining weekly activity. In order to be on the distribution list to receive announcements for this and other the ISA activities, send an email to Michael Elliott, but if you have questions feel free to contact IPC.

Each spring UNCG has an International Festival (I-Fest) sponsored by the ISA. (In 2007 UNCG held its 25th I-fest!)

Anything you can do for Recruiting for Study Abroad is appreciated. We know that without the support of all UNCG faculty and staff our efforts will never be enough. Students depend on qualified individuals whom they trust to advise them about such things as Study Abroad. We have materials available upon request and we will even make a classroom presentation (as short as 5 minutes or as long as your class) if invited. Follow the link "Promoting study abroad" or call IPC to get more information.

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