Global Leadership Program
img1 What will you be doing ?

The Program involves:

  1. participation in 5 GLP Colloquia (3 required “core” colloquia and 2 “elective”);
  2. attendance and networking at international/global lectures and events (minimum average 2 per semester);
  3. engagement in a range of international “experiences” at UNCG and abroad (200 points);
  4. completion of an e-Portfolio (electronic portfolio) documenting the above + a resumé  and personal goals statement.
img1 What will you get out of it ?

The GLP adds value to any UNCG degree by providing:

  1. another framework for integrating study abroad experiences into personal, academic, and professional growth;
  2. opportunities for increased global awareness and socially responsible citizenship;
  3. engagement in a range of international experiential opportunities at UNCG and abroad;
  4. leadership skills development within an international and global context;
  5. an enhanced intercultural understanding;
  6. evidence of extra-curricular learning on resumes;
  7. interaction with distinguished scholars and inspiring professionals;
  8. a network of peers striving for international and global personal and professional development.