I-House Activities

The program provides a rich atmosphere of language-learning, cultural orientation, and social activities with an international flavour. Residency in the I-House assumes involvement in I-House events and activities. Community rooms are located throughout the building and the lobby and basement provide nice areas for conversation, relaxation and other social functions. The building is air-conditioned, meets ADA requirements, has elevators and each room is wired for Internet access through ethernet.

About the program:

  • The most popular activity is the Friday Fest a series of cultural presentations held each Friday at 2:00pm when each week a country is represented.
  • Common activities in I-House include speakers, game or movie nights, and cultural dinners.
  • The I-House has its own council and programming board, made up of students, which plans the activities in the hall as well as out-of-town trips to the beaches or mountains of North Carolina and further, such as Washington DC or New York.
  • An approximately 50:50 ratio of international students to American students
  • The I-House does not require enrollment in any particular classes. Nor is there a restriction as to how long you may live in I-House

Page updated: June 20, 2008

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