Immunization Requirements

The Student Medical Form is designed to collect baseline information about your health history and current immunization status. Please complete and return the form before you arrive on campus. We will keep this information on file in the Student Health Services for use whenever you come to the Gove Student Health Center for services. We hope your academic career is a healthy one.

To access the Student Medical forms click on this link: Student Medical Form.

Please Mail To:

International Programs Center in the envelope provided in your acceptance package.

For more information please visit Student Health Services.

Do I need to complete the Student Medical Form?


YES. All enrolled students are required to complete the UNCG Student Medical Form.

       The physical examination is not required for all students. For specific requirements email the Student Health Services at ldburrow@uncg.edu.     
Do I need to complete the Immunization Section?


YES. All non-exempt students Must complete the Immunization Record, and mail it to the Student Health services prior to Spring or Fall enrollment.

       You are exempt from the immunization requirements if you are taking:       

  1. only four hours or less and residing off-campus,
  2. only 800+ level courses, off campus courses, or summer courses or,
  3. evening courses (4pm or later) or weekend courses only, then you may disregard the Immunization Record of the Student Medical Form

       The Immunization Clinic, located in the Student Health Services, is available year-round, with extended hours through Registration and during the 30 day grace period to administer needed injections at a nominal cost.

       No Appointment is necessary.

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