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Transferring out to another F-1 hosting institution can only occur at the end of the current term or during a period of non-enrollment in classes (summer or winter break). If you wish to transfer your SEVIS record to another institution after graduating from UNCG, you must do so within 60 calendar days of graduating. Contact us as soon as you plan to transfer to another university to ensure enough time for the proceedings.

If your I-20/DS-2019 is currently associated with UNCG and you want to transfer to another F-1 or J-1 hosting U.S. institution, please complete the transfer procedures, listed below:

  • Gain admission to a new F-1 hosting institution, and obtain the school’s SEVIS code from a student advisor (D.S.O.) at your new institution.
  • Submit the transfer out request in the I.S.S.S. Portal
  • Ensure that you have a zero balance on your student account, and that you have dropped any courses for the following semester.

J-1 degree-seeking students must meet with an international advisor prior to requesting a SEVIS transfer.

Please note: We can only transfer your SEVIS record to one institution. The transfer can only take place after the end date of the current UNCG session. Any employment authorization connected to UNCG, including C.P.T. and O.P.T., will automatically end when UNCG transfers a student’s SEVIS record to another F-1 hosting institution.