International Programs Highlights
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· awards faculty up to $75,000 annually to support international faculty development (75-100 faculty annually)

· supports faculty considering a Fulbright or a UNCG “International Exchange Assignment” with a partner university

· houses INTERLINK English as a Second Language program

· organizes the annual I-Fest celebration, drawing 4,000-5,000 members from the community, UNCG’s largest cultural event of the year

· is recognized nationally and internationally for over 100 successful bilateral and multi-lateral partnerships in over 40 countries worldwide

· encourages faculty to develop new projects with existing partners or new institutional agreements

· procures/awards UNCG students $200,000 a year in study abroad travel grants

· is home to the UNC Exchange Program (UNCEP), the official system-wide international exchange program for students at all 16 UNC campuses

· will have sent and received over 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students on study abroad & exchange programs by 2012 (24% are students of color as compared to 3% nationally; 83% on full financial aid)

· is a partner in the Scholars at Risk organization, which offers temporary academic positions to faculty who suffer threats in their home country

· supports over 20 faculty-led study abroad programs annually supports about 1,000 international students annually (degree-seeking, exchange, and ESL

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