Inviting a Visiting Scholar
Procedures to Host a Visiting Scholar At UNCG

In order to issure a DS-2019 form "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1)", which is required for a short-term scholar visa application, the International Programs Center (IPC) requests the following documents:

  • A letter from the hosting department to the Dean requesting the courtesy appointment for the visiting scholar and indicating the sponsoring faculty member to the corresponding Dean.
  • "Data for the DS-2019 J-1 Exchange Visitor Form" to be completed by the department and signed by the Head of the Department. IPC will provide this form to the hosting department.
  • A copy of the scholar's biographical page of the passport.
  • A copy of completed PD-7 form "Personnel Action Form", which can be downloaded HERE.
  • A copy of completed form EPA Telephone "Verification of Credentials", which can be downloaded HERE.
  • A copy of the scholar's curriculum vitae.
  • Original proof of financial solvency which should include one of the following:
    • Letter from sponsor department stating the amount available to the visitor
    • Letter from home institution confirming financial support of the scholar for sabbatical leave
    • Letter from home government confirming financial sponsorship
    • Verification of personal financial support
  • Original letter of Appointment issued by the Provost confirming the appointment of the visiting scholar. IPC attaches this letter to the scholar's DS-2019 form, entitled "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange
    Visitor (J-1)
  • Contact information for the scholar, including both the email and mailing address.
Upon receiving the information requested above, IPC will...
  • Issue a DS-2019 form "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange
    Visitor (J-1)"
  • Issue a welcome letter to accompany the original letter of appointment, DS-2019 form, and a brochure from the Department of State with insurance information
  • Contact the scholar to confirm mailing address, and to ensure delivery of DS-2019 package.
  • Maintain communication with scholar via e-mail to confirm issuance of visitor's J-1 visa.
  • HOUSING: Hosting academic departments should inform IPC of the housing arrangements that have been made on the scholar's behalf. If you need assistance on securing accommodations, please contact IPC for housing information as soon as possible.
Upon the Scholar's Arrival....
  • IPC will meet with the scholar to copy immigration documents and confirm his/her arrival to UNCG with the Department of State and Immigration through SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System)
  • Scholar will complete a "Personal Data Sheet for Scholars" form to collect biographical, visa, and emergency contact information.
  • IPC will make copies of insurance coverage for scholars and dependents.
  • The hosting department will provide a copy of the "Post-Employment Personnel Data Form PD-7a".
Throughout the Stay of the Scholar...
  • IPC is responsible for maintaining the scholar's current U.S. physical address in the SEVIS database.
  • The hosting department will help IPC collect current contact information for the scholar (e-mail and physical address)
  • The hosting department will supervise the scholar during his/her stay in the U.S., and will report to the International Programs Center the termination and/or departure of the scholar from the University.